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How to change the PDF form name

Question: How do I change my PDF Form name?

Answer: You can change the title of your PDF form and its download PDF file name. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in to your PlatoForms account.

How to change the PDF form name

  1. After choosing a form, you can rename it on the ‘Settings’ button (Gear icon), then click ‘PDF Settings’:

How to change the PDF form name

  1. ou can rename your PDF Form in the ‘Title’ section:

How to change the PDF form name

  1. Aside from this, you can also name your PDF on the ‘Download Name Pattern’ section.

Note: What is the ‘Download Name Pattern’ feature for?

The ‘Download Name Pattern’ feature is made for you to rename your PDFs. A hundred submissions of PDF forms can be confusing—that’s why it’s important for every single one to have a different name for a better organization.

  1. In the Download Name Pattern section, you can add variables to the name. “Add Index Suffix” adds the {{index} variable in the name pattern that will be converted to a unique number in your download PDF name. “Add Date Suffix” adds the date format {{yyy-mm-dd}} in the name pattern, which will be converted to is the date when someone submits the form to you.

How to change the PDF form name

Pro tip: You can input .pdf on the name for its format (Optional).

  1. Aside the date and index, the field values in the submitted form can be turned into the name of the PDF. For example, using the name pattern PDF-form-{{data.fid9}}.pdf. {{data.fid9}} will be converted to the input value in the submitted form.

This way, you can save time and find it easy to identify your forms without confusion.

We hope you find this tutorial helpful! If you have other questions, just ask us here.