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How to Use Custom Fields for CLOUD Drive Sub Folder Name

Question: Can I use custom fields for cloud drive subfolder names?

Answer: Yes, you can add custom fields to your cloud drive subfolder names. The custom fields format appears like this: {{variable_name}}.

Let’s suppose you connect your cloud drive with your PlatoForms account. In that case, you will be able to directly save your filled-up online PDF forms in it and create specific subfolders for them. If you want to organize your forms and subfolders, you can also set custom fields as names for each of your cloud subfolders.

Custom fields will automatically use specific field data as a subfolder name. For example, you prefer to have the online PDF form’s name on your cloud drive subfolder name and your online PDF form’s name is “sample.pdf” then your subfolder name would be “sample_pdf”.

sample online fllable PDF folder

Custom Fields You Can Use as Cloud Drive Subfolder Name

You can use the following custom fields as your cloud drive subfolder name:

{{index}}- You can use this custom field if you prefer using a unique value as your online PDF forms subfolder name.

{{yyyy-mm-dd}}- If you want to use dates as subfolder names, just paste this code in the subfolder setting section. You can choose and tweak the format as well. You can use {{mm.dd.yyyy}} or {{dd/mm/yy}}. Here dd is the date, mm is the month, and yyyy or yy is the year.

{{data.fidXX}}- Using this custom field, you will be able to use the online PDF form information as your cloud drive subfolder name. In this custom field, fidXX stands for the Field ID. You’ll find the Field ID inside the form builder, so you have to find the part where it says #XX, e.g, #3, and add the Field ID number after the word fid.

For example, you want to use the Full Name as your cloud subfolder name, and the Field ID Number of Full Name is 3, so your custom field would be {{data.fid3}}.

How to find the Field ID?

Your PDF forms field ID always has a number in it, and you can view it inside the fillable PDF editor tool. On the image below, you’ll see “Single Line Text #3” in this situation, your field ID is 3.

online PDF form fid

{{form_name}}- This field is helpful if you want to organize your online PDF forms subfolders using the form name.

{{tracking_code}}- This is another set of numbers that you can use to search respondents’ submission details on the submission page. It usually looks like this:

Using this as your online PDF form cloud drive subfolder name is possible with custom fields as well.

{{revision}}- This custom field allows you to see the online PDF form revision times. If the form is revised once, the number “1” will appear as your cloud drive subfolder name.

How to Use Custom Fields for Cloud Drive Sub Folder Name?

To use a custom field as your cloud drive subfolder name, go and log in to your PlatoForms Dashboard and choose the online PDF form you want to save on a cloud drive subfolder. Once you find it, click on the gear icon at the top right corner of the online fillable PDF and choose Cloud drive.

PDF editor tool CLOUD drive button After that, you will land on the cloud drive window. From there, you can choose the cloud drive application where you want to create your cloud subfolder name.

online PDF cloud drive integration

Note: Make sure you turn on the connection button of whichever cloud drive application you’ll use. If it’s toggled on, you can then proceed to set your subfolder name.

connect online PDF form tool to Google Drive

Next, go to the Saving to Folder section, click “browse (plus the name of the cloud drive application) and find the specific folder you created for your form.

save online PDF to drive folder

Once the location folder is already set, toggle on the create subfolder option.

create subfolder for online PDF

You can also choose to upload the attachment file, export raw data CSV, or zip multiple PDFs.

After that, go to the subfolder section and paste the custom field code you prefer. (You can see the codes above this page.) Lastly, click the save button.

online form name

Where Can I Use PlatoForms Custom Fields?

Aside from the Cloud Drive subfolder name, you can also use PlatoForms Custom Fields for Download PDF Name Pattern and Email Notifications.

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