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Custom Domain for Your Online PDF Forms FAQ

Question: Can I use my company’s domain on my published PDF forms?

Answer: Yes. You can add your company or organization’s name to your published PDF form link as a custom domain. Once you publish your PDF forms, a unique URL will be generated for access by default. It begins with https://forms.platoforms.com, but you can use your organization’s custom domain; you can do this using the domain masking configuration.

What is Domain Masking Configuration?

Domain masking configuration is a technique that helps website owners hide the actual domain name of a website and display a different domain name in its place in the browser’s address bar.

How to Create a Custom Domain Through Domain Masking

To use your own domain to the online PDF form’s link, follow these steps:

Note: Before creating a custom domain through domain masking, ensure you have permission to access your Domain DNS Records.

  1. Log in to your PlatoForms account, Click on your Account Name, and Click Custom Domain.

Setup PDF Form Custom Domain

Note: Custom Domain Feature works only for a paid account.

  1. Once the custom domain settings show up, go to the domain name field and type the subdomain that you prefer to use. For example, if your domain is sample.com, you can put myform.sample.com or any subdomain that you want to use.

Custom domain for online forms

  1. Once done, click on the Update Domain Settings button. After this, you’ll receive a CNAME value. (Please keep this as you’ll need it again later for changing DNS details to complete the setup.)
How to Change Your DNS Details

To complete your custom domain setup, you need to change your DNS details on your domain registrar’s site. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to your domain registrar account and log in.

  2. Once you’re logged in, look for your domain registrar’s DNS management settings.

  3. Add the CNAME you received to direct it to PlatoForms.

  4. Please note that it may take up to 48 hours for the changes in CNAME to propagate and take effect.

    CNAME of your custom domain form

    Note: DNS management navigation can be different from one registrar to another, we recommend you find information about CNAME forwarding on your registrar’s website or ask their support team for help.

    We hope you find this tutorial helpful! If you have other questions, just email us here.