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How to Use Custom Fields for PDF Name Pattern

Question: Can I use custom fields on the Download PDF name to organize client information?

Answer: Yes. Using custom fields for your online PDF forms will allow you to customize your download PDF name. It appears like this: {{variable_name}}.

What is PlatoForms Custom Field?

PlatoForms Custom Field (also known as a variable) is one of our features that will make your life extra convenient. It’s usually a set of data that you want to automatically add to your email notification, file name, or cloud subfolder name.

As the name implies, it is a field that you can customize. The perfect example for this could be one of your essential form fields such as first name, last name, date, and the likes. PlatoForms custom field is enclosed with two brackets, and it usually appears like this:

custom fields in PDF file name

How to Set Custom Fields for Download PDF Name Pattern?

You can use custom fields if you wish to automatically customize the download PDF file name that are created from your online fillable PDF form.

To set a custom field for your download PDF Name, go to your PlatoForms dashboard and choose the online PDF form where you want to set a custom field. Then, click on the gear icon located at the top right corner of the online fillable PDF and choose PDF Settings.

custom fields in PDF file name

Once you land on the PDF Setting Window, start setting a custom field under the “Download Name Pattern” section.

custom fields in PDF file name

Here are the available custom fields that you can use:

{{index}} - You can use this custom field if you prefer having unique values on your online PDF form Download Name Pattern.

{{yyyy-mm-dd}}- If you prefer having dates on your online PDF form Download Name, you can then choose this custom field. If you also want a different date format, here are other sample formats where you can choose from: {{mm.dd.yyyy}} , {{dd/mm/yy}}

{{data.fidXX}}- Using this custom field, you will be able to add the online PDF form information to your online PDF form Download Name. In this custom field, fidXX stands for the Field ID. If you wish to use this, put the Field ID that you want to set its value for your online PDF form Download Name. Since it doesn’t have its own button, you have to put it manually on the name box.

The Field ID can be found inside the form builder so you have to find the part where it says #XX, e.g, #3, and add the Field ID number after the word fid. For example, you want to add the Full Name on your online PDF form Download Name and the Field ID Number of Full Name is 3, so your custom field would be {{data.fid3}}.

If you try to download a submitted online PDF form, this value- {{data.fid3}} will become the filler’s Full Name in the file name. (See the photo below)

custom fields in PDF file name

Where Can I Use PlatoForms Custom Fields?

Aside from the Download PDF Name Pattern, you can also use PlatoForms Custom Fields for your Email Notification body and subject and for Cloud Drive subfolder name.

We hope you find this tutorial helpful! For more questions, you ask us here.