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Form submissions summary report

Question: Can I keep track of all my form submissions in a detailed manner?

Answer: Yes. We added a summary tab for you to keep track of all your form submissions.

What is a form submissions summary report?

The Summary Report tab is an overview of all your forms whether published or not. This feature shows the exact number of submissions for each form. You can filter the list by Status (Draft, Archived, or Published) or by date. Through this feature, users can now analyze the overall submissions in a detailed manner. This is a useful feature especially for businesses that need to track their clients' form submissions.

To do this, refer to the instructions below:

  1. Log in to your PlatoForms account.

Form available and expired

  1. At the right part of your money, click submissions.

Form available and expired

  1. Click ‘Summary’

Form available and expired

  1. Here, you can view all your form submissions: Whether it’s published, archived, or even draft. You can also choose the date of your preference to check a specific form.

Form available and expired

Pro tip: You can export this Summary Report as a CSV file so you can share or use it for reporting purposes.

With this feature, you can now keep track of all your forms—no matter how many. This allows you to save time from finding your forms manually.

We hope you find this tutorial helpful! For more questions, you ask us here.