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How to Connect My Online Fillable Forms to My Cloud Drive?

Question: I use Google Drive to organize our online files in the office. I would like to save the filled-in forms to a Google Drive folder automatically. Is it doable?

Answer: Yes, you can connect your online fillable forms to your Google Drive account and automatically save the filled-in forms to a Google Drive folder.

After making or converting your PDF file to an online PDF form, you can connect it to the following Cloud Drive applications:

  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • OneDrive
  • Google Drive

Once your online PDF form is connected to your Cloud Drive, the submitted PDF form copy will automatically go to your Cloud Drive folder.

How to Connect My Online Fillable Forms to a Cloud Drive?

Note: This procedure works for all of the Cloud Drive applications mentioned above.

1.Log in to your PlatoForms account.

2. Look for the online PDF form you want to connect to your Cloud Drive and click on the gear icon located at the upper right corner of the form.

PlatoForms Online PDF tool dashboard

3. Select Cloud Drive from the dropdown option.

online PDF form settings 4. After that, the Cloud Drive application option window options will pop up.

online PDF forms cloud drive connection settings

5. Navigate to the Cloud Application that you use and toggle on Connect (name of application)

Note: It’s always better to have your Cloud Drive account ready before connecting it to your online PDF form**.**

6. Then authorize the PlatoForms and Cloud Drive application connection.


online PDF forms Dropbox connection settings Box

online PDF forms box connection


Note: For OneDrive, you have the option to connect PlatoForms with your Personal or Business account.

online PDF forms One Drive connection
Google Drive

online PDF forms Google drive connection
7. Once you authorize your accounts, you can choose the folder to save the submitted forms and turn on functionalities like Export Raw CSV Data, Create Subfolder, Upload Attachment Files, and Zip if Multiple PDFs.

online PDF forms cloud drive connection settings

Pro Tip: You can set custom fields for the Cloud Drive subfolder name. Learn more in this FAQ.

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