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How to Automatically Save Submitted Form Data to Google Sheets

Question: Hi! I would like to create automation in which if someone submits answers to our online PDF forms, the data would automatically go to Google Sheets. Is this possible with PlatoForms?

Answer: Yes. PlatoForms has Zapier Integration that allows you to connect different applications to your online PDF forms, including Google Sheets.

In partnership with Zapier, you can now connect your PlatoForms online PDF forms with almost 4000 applications to automate your work. It includes Google Sheets and other common applications people use in their businesses.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a well-known automation tool that helps you connect your tools and automate time-consuming tasks. It allows you to create triggers to automate workflows for different processes like data entry tasks.

How to Connect Your Online PDF Forms With Zapier

Before you connect your online PDF forms with Zapier, ensure that you have your Zapier account created already.

To connect your online PDF forms with Zapier, log in to your PlatoForms accounts. Then choose the online fillable PDF form you want to integrate with Zapier, and click on the gear icon.

PlatoForms online form dashboard

After clicking the gear icon, select Integration from the dropdown option.

PlatoForms online form tool settings
Once you land on the integration application options, click on Zapier. After clicking Zapier, you’ll have a list of applications you’d like to use along with Zapier. Choose from the list and click Integrate.

Online PDF form to Zapier integrations

After clicking the Integrate button, log in to your Zapier account, click the connect button, and authorize.

connect PlatoForms to Zapier

authorize PlatoForms PDF tool account

After you authorize, click on Next and ensure that you’ve connected the correct online PDF form. If you’re sure with the online PDF form, you can click Next. From there, you can set up everything that you need for your automation process.

Note: Your setup varies depending on the kind of automation and workflow you’d like to do. We recommend learning Zapier if you want to maximize its use.

You can also directly access this link to connect your Zapier, PlatoForms, and third-party application accounts. Just make sure that you have your Zapier account already created.

How to Automatically Save Submitted Form Data to Google Sheets

You can now skip the tedious data entry task through PlatoForms and Zapier’s integration. Follow the step by step process below:

Note: Before creating a Zap for your online PDF form, prepare your Google sheet with the correct column headers. The headers you should use are the form fields like Name, E-mail, Address, etc.

  1. Click this link. (Make sure that you are logged in to both of your PlatoForms and Zapier account.)
  2. Pick or search for Google Sheets.
  3. Click Connect PlatoForms + Google Sheets

connect PlatoForms PDF tool and Google sheets

authorize PlatoForms PDF tool account

  1. Then click on Get Started and click on Next.
  2. Choose the PDF Form that you’d like to connect.
  3. Connect your Google Drive.
  4. Choose your Google Sheet and click Next.

  1. Map the fields that you included in your spreadsheet and then click Next.
  2. You can send a test to see if it works.
  3. Review your Zap and click Turn on Zap.

When someone submits data on your form, the information will automatically go to your Google Sheet.

Here’s a sample of the result:

Google Spreadsheet with PDF form data
We hope you find this tutorial helpful! If you have other questions, just email us here.