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Can I protect my forms with a password?

Question: I am inviting my client to answer my online form, but I want it to be protected with a password. Is it possible to do this?

Answer: Yes, your forms can be password protected. With our form invitation feature, you can send an email to your clients to complete your online forms—with a password for security.

To do this:

  1. Log in to your PlatoForms account.

Password Protected PDF Online Form

  1. Choose a form. Click the gear button, and choose ‘Invitation’.

Password Protected PDF Online Form

  1. After creating your email, tick the ‘Forms are password protected’ button.

Password Protected PDF Online Form

  1. Once you send your form invitation, PlatoForms will generate a password that your client can use before completing a form.

Password Protected PDF Online Form

Now, you can secure your online forms with the form invitation feature.

We hope you find this tutorial helpful! If you have other questions, just email us here.