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Can I make an email template that can be accessed by my team?

Question: I need an email template that can be accessed by my team members. How can make one?

Answer: Yes, you can make an email template privately and for your team. Whether you have a small or big team that needs an email template for faster email creation, our email template feature would make your email creation much faster.

What is the Email Template feature?

Email template is a feature that helps you type once, save it as a template, and reuse it again for future purposes. Through this feature, you don’t have to manually copy a text, paste it on a notepad, copy it again on your email, and do the same process next time. Just create a text and save it once—you can also rename the template for proper labeling. You can choose where to use your email templates: Invitation and notification.

Email templates that will be used for Invitation are for you to invite your clients to submit an online PDF form. On the other hand, templates for notification are used for notifying you with form submissions. To start creating email templates:

  1. Log in to your PlatoForms account.
  2. Choose a form. Click the gear icon button.

PDF online form-gear icon dropdown

  1. Choose where you’ll use your email template (Invitation or Notification).
  2. Edit the email subject and content, then click “Save as Template”

  1. Name the template and save.
  2. Later, you can use this template by click “Use template”

The email template for Invitation and Notification is the same, but for different uses. How are you going to create an email template that can be accessed by your team members?

Go to Form Default Settings. As described, the forms created under these settings can be shared by the team. Creating an email template is the same as the instructions above. To view your saved templates for the team, click the “Team” button at the side of your home page:

PDF online form-team dashboard

If you want to create a personal email template instead of templates accessible by your colleagues, just create a template in the invitation or notification button. You can also check in the saved templates whether your forms are shared by the team or not:

PDF online form- use template

Sending an email is now much faster and easier than before—no worries about retyping the same content again and again. With email templates, you can freely choose content from your saved templates, and send it within minutes.

We hope you find this tutorial helpful! If you have other questions, just contact us here.