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How to Remap the Pages While Cloning Your PDF

Question: I’m cloning an old online PDF form with some pages different from the new version. Will I be able to delete some of the old pages and insert the new ones?

Answer: Yes, rearranging or remapping the PDF pages according to your preferred sequence is doable using the PlatoForms tool.

What does cloning a PDF mean?

Cloning a PDF means reusing an old online PDF form you created with PlatoForms. While cloning a PDF, you will have the option to Reuse PDF Files, Reuse Form Fields, and Create a Master Form.

Clone PDF form option

If you have the PDF’s updated version, you need to choose the Reuse Form Fields option. If your updated PDF version has new pages, you can rearrange or remap them the way you prefer.

For example, your old online PDF has three pages, and your updated PDF version has four pages. If they have identical pages, you can select the unidentical ones and insert them on the cloned PDF by clicking the “New Page” button below the overview page. In addition to that, you can also delete old pages that you won’t use by clicking the “Delete page” button.

To help you understand it better, here’s the step-by-step process of remapping pages.

How to Remap Your Online PDF Form Pages

Note: The Remapping option is only available during the PDF cloning. Once you’ve finished the cloning process, you won’t be able to remap the pages of your new PDF form.

  1. After choosing the type of cloning process that you’ll use, you’ll land on the upload PDF window.

upload PDF form online

  1. Make sure to toggle the button next to “The pages in the new PDF are in a different order than the old PDF.”

toggle on remapping PDF pages

  1. After that, click the Upload PDF button and choose the new version of your PDF form.

upload PDF form button

  1. Wait a few seconds until you land on the Remapping window.

remapping PDF form pages

The pages on the upper part of your dashboard are the pages from the PDF file you uploaded, and the ones on the lower part are the cloned online PDF form pages.

  1. You can do sort of things to fix the arrangement of your online PDF form using the Remapping window.
  • You can click the “New page? Yes” button to bring the new pages down and include them on your cloned online PDF final file.

new PDF form page

  • You can click the “New page? Yes” button to bring the new pages down and include them on your cloned online PDF final file.

Note: You can only delete the pages when they’re at the bottom part.

delete PDF form page

  • After inserting the new pages into the cloned online PDF and deleting unnecessary pages, you can proceed with rearranging the pages by dragging them to your preferred place.

drag PDF form page

(In this example, you can see the first page is moved to the second place)

  1. Once you’re satisfied with the arrangement of the pages, you can click Done.
  2. After remapping the pages, you can proceed to edit your online PDF form using the PDF form builder if needed and then click Publish.

If you want to learn more about the clone feature and the whole process of using it, visit this FAQ.

We hope you find this tutorial helpful! If you have other questions, just email us here.