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Can I allow my clients to submit forms only once?

Question: A lot of my clients sometimes fill out forms twice. Since registration forms should only be filled out once, how can I enable one-time submission of forms?

Answer: You can enable one-time submission of forms through our form invitation feature.

  1. Log in to your PlatoForms account.

Submit Once PDF Online Form

  1. Choose a form. Click the gear button, and choose invitation.

Submit Once PDF Online Form

  1. After creating your email, tick the ‘Form can only be submitted once’.

Submit Once PDF Online Form

  1. You can input your own website’s link so that your clients will be redirected there after they complete the form. This is optional—clients will be directed to PlatoForms website if there’s no link inputted.

Whether you’re sending out registration or RSVP forms, you can now enable one-time submissions for a more secured form-fillng.

If you have other questions, just email us here.