5 Reasons Why Companies Should Switch to Online Forms

The importance of a reliable PDF software for companies

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    PlatoForms is a software-as-service (SaaS) provider. Our service allows you to convert any PDFs to online fillable PDF forms, making it easy for your customer to fill them out on a web browser.


    • Organizations are losing a huge amount of money because of paper consumption. Aside from papers, companies also spend business cost on printing supplies, storage drawers, and storage rooms.
    • PDF is a universal document format used in all types of industries. With its ability to retain professional design and provide strong security, using PDFs became essential to all kinds of organizations.
    • A reliable PDF software will provide a strong workflow for companies. With the right features, a PDF software can maximize team productivity, save time and profit.

    What is it all about?

    In the midst of pandemic, companies have seen the relevance of online form software for their business. Turning physical papers into digital documents isn't easy--considering the training, complexity, and cost of using online form software. Now available anywhere in the digital market, organizations should consider more than just an online form software--but a powerful tool that ensures automation, provides organized workflows, and leverages PDF--a universal document format in all industries.

    "With a tool that offers security and convenience to go paperless, offices can make sure that going green isn't so hard after all."

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