Do More With PlatoForms

Zapier is extremely easy to use and is the most popular method to interconnect your favourite applications. With only a few clicks, the tools you use most frequently will hook up. PlatoForms is officially integrated with Zapier. It brings the full power of PlatoForms to more than 1,000 applications! When the submission of your form is successful, PlatoForms creates an afferent PDF and triggers a Zapier flow. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination and create your own Zapier integrations to automate your work. For example, you can send a Slack message to your team, import data into a Google Sheet, and upload a PDF to your CRM system.

Do you already know how to use Zapier? Then connect PlatoForms to Zapier here.

Still have no idea? Checkout out our documentation or simply start with these Zapier integrations templates.