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An advanced online form builder that simplifies the process of creating and managing PDF forms.


A cutting-edge form automation platform that streamlines data collection, organization, and analysis.

Affiliate Program Benefits

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  • Does the referral user need to subscribe to a plan in 30 days?
    No, if a user signs up with your referral link, you will receive a commission whenever they upgrade to a paid plan.
  • What if the lead clicks the referral link and doesn’t sign up before they close the browser?
    We use browser cookies to track the user. As long as the user uses the same browser within 30 days, they will always be detected as your referral user.
  • I want to refer a lead who was a past subscriber. Can I still refer them?
    No. Our affiliate program is open to first-time subscribers of our plans only.
  • Can I sign up through my own referral link?
    No. Unfortunately, self-referrals are strictly prohibited. The goal of a referral program is to encourage affiliates and ambassadors to spread the word about our product(s), not to get discounts.
  • What’s the referral cookie life?
    The referral cookie has a 30-day life. If a user purchases the product more than 30 days after the first referral visit, the lead will not be trackable.
  • How many leads can I refer?
    As much as you can! Remember, the more you refer, the more you earn.
  • When will I get paid?
    The commission will be paid to the affiliate 45 days after we receive the initial subscription fee from your referred customer, and the affiliate’s commission balance exceeds the minimum payout threshold of $30.
  • Where will I get paid?
    At this stage, we only use PayPal to send payments. You can enter your PayPal account details in our affiliate portal.
  • What if I don’t have a PayPal account? Do you offer other payment methods?
    For now, we only use PayPal (but we’re working on other payment methods in the future)! If you have any preferred payment methods, reach out to hello@platoforms.com and we’ll try to work on it as much as we can.