Exploring the Versatility of Online PDF Forms: Use Cases and Applications
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Where can you use online PDF forms?

Where can you use online PDF forms?

Whether you’re a student, marketing staff, or a hospital worker—you need online PDF forms for your organization. Check out some of these use cases in specific industries:


Whether you’re a restaurant owner or a hotel manager, you’ll need forms to get reservations and orders from your customers. Paper forms are the old way of doing so—but online forms are now the modern (and efficient) way of acquiring customer data, especially in the hospitality industry. By using online forms, your customers wouldn’t have to waste time filling out forms when they arrive—just send them a form through a shareable link on their online reservations. Online reservations will benefit you and your customers: They wouldn’t have to wait in line to fill out a form, and you wouldn’t have to juggle handling orders and managing paper forms simultaneously. If you have an existing order form in PDF format, you can easily turn PDF into fillable forms with PlatoForms. If using a PDF format isn’t your cup of tea anymore, you can convert this PDF to form for a more straightforward interface.


Organizing a marathon? Halloween party? Send-off lunch? Virtual onboarding event?

Whether you’re planning to set up a Christmas party or a Thanksgiving lunch, a ready-to-fill-out form is always a must. After all, using forms makes your event registration a smooth one—especially if it’s online. However, how will you make efficient forms that can do the job?

A great way to create effective event forms is to make online fillable PDFs. You can convert your old PDF to a fillable form or create one from scratch. Aside from including basic form fields like name and email address, it’s important to remember the essentials when creating a registration form, like event branding. For users to recognize your event, you can white-label your forms easily with your business logo or event logo. It’ll also be easier to use ready-made templates, or customize them manually through CSS code.

Real estate

Because buying a house or renting an apartment doesn’t only include a single paper that needs to be signed, it only makes sense to say that the real estate industry uses paper more than other businesses.

Eliminating paper usage is almost impossible in real estate transactions, but reducing it is surely doable. For example, scanning a single document and converting the PDF to form can lessen the printing of paper forms. Aside from forms that need to be filled out, you can also convert these PDFs and send them online to your clients for electronic signatures. Using digital documents for your real estate transactions makes things easier and saves your confidential documents from theft and loss.


Using paper in schools and educational departments is a familiar story (and it will never be). In fact, no matter how techy the world could be, paper usage in schools wouldn’t be a thing of the past.

However, reducing paper waste in schools today became easier—thanks to environment-friendly apps and online tools. If you’re a teacher, you can let your students submit their PDF forms online for homework, or create online forms for faster enrollment. Additionally, you can make your clearance signing much better by making online fillable PDFs that can be accomplished in minutes.

Since your forms and documents are secured in a digital silo, you wouldn’t have to worry about typhoons, theft, and of course—manual finding of documents! Isn’t it a dream come true to get rid of drawers that contain hundreds of paper forms?


Forms, surveys, and briefs are common in agencies—digitalizing all of them could do tons of wonders. If you’re a marketing agency that needs to send out marketing surveys or an advertising firm that must create client briefs, PDF software is going to be your best friend.

Aside from making online fillable PDFs, you can also create smarter PDF forms through conditional logic and app integration. A conditional logic feature will let you control and customize your forms easily—you can hide, show, enable, and disable some functionalities in your forms. This will come in handy, especially for marketing campaign forms that need to be sent to clients.

Converting PDFs to forms isn’t the online advantage when using PDF software. You can also keep tabs on your marketing leads — you can monitor and be notified whether your forms are edited, viewed, or received a submission. Connecting your forms to marketing apps such as HubSpot, Salesforce, and more also makes things more productive, thanks to API and app integration.


Combining healthcare and technology can bring positive results for patients and healthcare providers.

Many clinics and hospitals have begun digitalizing their data collection process through online PDF forms. With the guidance and protection provided by HIPAA, the healthcare industry can now safely collect and store patient data online.

If you’re working in the healthcare industry, you can use online PDF forms to collect patients’ personal information, their medical consent, and medical history records online.

Non-profit organizations

Forms are undeniably needed if you’re running a non-profit organization: donation forms, solicitation forms, agreements, and more. The good news is you can create and share all these documents online today, thanks to online PDF forms that are flexible and versatile.

With online PDF forms, you can now encourage more people to donate and participate in your good works online. Some online PDF tools even provide an embeddable code after you create online PDF forms allowing you to put your forms on your organization’s website. With that said, your sponsors can easily send payments by simply submitting the pdf forms online.


Forms are crucial in every banking process. From account creation to transferring money from one account to another—forms are highly needed.

Online banking has become a regular thing for us, so online forms come with it. With online PDF forms, you can collect account data online and keep them securely. PDF online forms also allow bank account owners to create online banking accounts, sign agreements, apply for loans, and make other banking requests without going to the bank.

Since online PDF tools allow you to create workflows within your PDF forms, you can also streamline and improve your banking process.


You can never go wrong with online PDF forms if you’re looking for ways to modernize
your sales process.

Online PDF forms allow you to create sales forms you can monitor anytime and anywhere. Finally, you can eliminate the pile of dusty sales forms in your office and create sales reports in just a few clicks.

Not only can it help you manage your sales data, but it also provides your clients better experience. You can use online sales forms to process sales online, meaning you don’t need to meet your clients face to face. Whatever documents they need to accomplish, they can do them online.

If you have sales forms in PDFs, you can turn them to web forms and make them more accessible for your clients.

Forms are essential to organizations, and since things have begun to modernize today, online forms have become part of that essentiality. Thankfully, there are many ways to turn your PDF to web form today exist. You can turn your existing offline forms into online ones. Online PDF forms can surely do more for your industry, so keep exploring them and make the most out of their benefits.

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