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Make PDF fillable forms online that your customers will love with PlatoForms. Our forms are easy and complex-free: Increasing your customer’s form completion rate.
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Finally, A Data System Made for Sales

Boost Your Sales
Less Complex Forms

Complicated designs are not just confusing, but can also be intimidating for customers. Create and convert PDFs to forms to get rid of the complex–allowing you to increase your customer’s form completion rate. This way, increasing your sales revenue is possible in the long term.

Convenient Form With Workflow

PlatoForms offers the most convenient tools to improve your customers' experience. Upload your document, convert PDF to fillable forms online, and use our workflow tools.

Maximize Company’s Profit


Using Online Forms means saving from the high financial costs of printing machines, ink cartridges, and papers. Submit PDF forms online and store every single piece of data on cloud–both time-efficient and budget-friendly.
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Risk-Free Storage

Safer Storage for Customer Data

By turning PDFs into fillable forms, you won’t have to worry about where to store the most confidential and sensitive customer data anymore. Store every form online–safe from data corruption, viruses, and messy papers.
Faster Transactions

Handy and Swifter Transactions

Lessen customer complaints from long waiting lines and slow transactions. With PlatoForms, you can now convert PDFs to online forms easily–making every business deal smoother than before. Cater to every single need of the client with our fillable forms!
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Improve Customer Experience

Increased Sales

Nothing beats the love of customers for hassle-free transactions. Completing PDF forms online is the most convenient and fastest way of digitizing documents. Simplify each transaction for your customers. Remember, a happy client always means more chances of increasing sales!
Send and Access Files Anytime

Approval Requests Made Easy

Sending documents to clients for approval? PlatoForms provides a Workflow feature for all aspects of approval requests. Now, you can easily submit PDF forms online or send them to your customer’s email anytime.
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Time-Efficient Process

Saves Time

By making PDFs fillable online, you don’t have to go through sorting and filing customers' forms again. Save time and focus on your marketing strategies with the help of PlatoForms!

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