Quicker Check-ins and Reservations!

Level up your customer experience by letting your clients book and reserve online. With the convenience of our converting PDFs to web forms, clients can enjoy easy booking and reservations online.
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Create Easy-To-Fill-Up Customer Information Forms

Easy-To-Use Online Forms
Live Notifications

PlatoForms provides concurrent notifications for convenience. Now, you can check and receive notifications about form updates in real-time.

Reserve Anytime, Anywhere

By turning PDFs into online forms, your customers can now simply book reservations without waiting in the long queues. Provide a better booking experience for your customers with our innovative tools at PlatoForms!

Reduce and Save More

Save Cost

Store and access every single customer form online–saving you from the expensive price of papers, printing machines, and fax. By using our PDF to web form features, your business can finally save a huge amount of budget from printing costs.
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Faster Booking and Reservation

Book and Reserve in Minutes

With PlatoForms, clients can submit their PDF forms online. Now, customers can reach your business and make reservations, anytime, anywhere.
More Secured Storage

Store Data Safely

Papers with customer’s information are vulnerable–they can get wet, crushed, and make it worse, lost! By converting your PDFs to fillable forms online, you can now store and keep every single customer data online without the fear of losing them.

Additionally, we are focusing to help healthcare providers by offering HIPAA Compliant Forms. Businesses can collect confidential information with ease through our HIPAA Compliant Forms. End the sorting and storage of papers while staying HIPAA Compliant with PlatoForms!

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Add Up To Your List of Clients

Grow Your Number of Customers

Convenient bookings and reservations always lead to satisfied clients. By letting your clients submit PDF forms online, reservations are possible without pens, papers, and long lines. Easy booking processes attract customers, leading to more sales and client growth.

Find out how the PlatoForms can help you

Converting pdf online form to web form
PDF to Web Form

Convert PDF to Web Form

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Online PDF form with original design
PDF Online Form

Online PDF Form With Original Design

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Converting pdf online form to web form
Master Form

Fill Once and Create Multiple PDFs

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form workflow

Fill out a PDF in Multiple Steps

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  • Are the Hospitality Forms generated via PlatoForms compatible with mobile devices?
    Absolutely! The Hospitality Customer Information Forms generated through PlatoForms are designed to be fully mobile-friendly. This ensures that customers can effortlessly fill out the forms using their smartphones or tablets, providing a seamless and convenient experience for guests on the go.
  • Can I customize the online reservation form according to my hospitality business’s branding?
    Absolutely! PlatoForms offers customization features that allow you to match the look and feel of the online reservation form to your hospitality business’s branding, enhancing the overall customer experience.
  • Can I integrate PlatoForms’ Online forms with OTAs to simplify the reservation process?
    Yes, PlatoForms has API that allows you to seamlessly integrate your online forms with OTAs (Online Travel Agencies), streamlining the reservation process and making it easier for guests to book accommodations.
  • How can converting PDFs to web forms enhance the customer booking and reservation experience?
    PlatoForms can help you elevate your customer experience by offering seamless online booking and reservation options. You will be able to convert PDFs to Webforms which helps your clients effortlessly make bookings and reservations online, adding convenience and efficiency to their interactions with your business.
  • What are the benefits of using an online customer form for hospitality businesses?
    Online customer forms, like the Hospitality Customer Information Form, offer numerous advantages. They enable businesses to save time, reduce paperwork, improve data accuracy, and enhance the overall customer experience.

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