Elevate your hospitality experience

Quicker Reservations and Check-ins

Empower your guests to make quick reservations and check-ins, enhancing their satisfaction. PlatoForms seamlessly converts PDFs into online forms, offering effortless booking for hotels, resorts, restaurants, event venues, and more.
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Effortless Booking Elegance

Seamless transactions, anytime access
Smoother Transactions

Wave goodbye to paperwork, phone calls, and waiting games. Our intuitive online forms make booking and reservations a breeze, guaranteeing seamless transactions with every click.

24/7 Accessibility

Customers can make reservations or bookings during non-business hours, at their convenience, from any location with internet access. This enhances customer satisfaction and expands the potential customer base.

Tailored booking solutions

Make It Your Own

Whether it’s a hotel, restaurant, or event venue, our tool has you sorted. Effortlessly add and customize elements like text, images, and ReCaptcha. Choose from our range of themes to match your establishment’s style. Let your creativity shine and make your forms truly unique!
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Automated notifications and reminders

Instant Peace of Mind

With our automatic reminders, your customers can relax knowing that once they submit the form, they’ll instantly receive confirmations, reminders, and updates. And hey, you’ll get notified too! No more missed appointments—just smooth sailing through the booking process.
Secure data with confidence

Security Comes First

Our online digital forms use robust security like HIPAA compliance, two-factor authentication, and data encryption during transmission. That ensures sensitive information stays private and compliant. Plus, digital minimizes errors compared to paper forms. Let us handle security and compliance properly - ditch the paper headaches.
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Effortless bookings, endless growth

Grow Your Client Base

Word spreads fast about businesses that save people time. The convenience attracts new customers, driving more sales and growth for you. So kiss those outdated methods goodbye. Leverage modern tech and let us streamline bookings. Your clients get convenience, you get your customer base booming. Efficient systems, happy folks, growing business - winning all around!


  • Do PlatoForms hospitality forms work on mobile devices?
    Absolutely! We made sure those hospitality forms created by PlatoForms work beautifully on mobile. Whether your guests are rocking an iPhone, Android, or tablet, they can easily fill out the forms right on their devices.
  • Can I customize the online reservation form to match my hospitality business’s branding?
    Certainly! PlatoForms provides customization options allowing you to incorporate your business’s branding elements seamlessly into the online reservation form. This includes adding your logo, choosing brand colors, and styling the form layout to reflect your business’s identity, thereby enhancing the overall customer experience.
  • Can I integrate PlatoForms’ online forms with OTAs to simplify the reservation process?
    Yes, you can! PlatoForms offers APIs that seamlessly integrates your online forms with OTAs (Online Travel Agencies), making it easier for guests to book accommodations and streamlining the reservation process.
  • Can I collect payments directly through my forms for services or bookings?
    Yes, absolutely! With PlatoForms, you can seamlessly integrate with payment gateway like Stripe, allowing you to collect payments directly through your forms for services or bookings.
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