Streamline booking with online forms

Online Reservations Made Simple with PlatoForms

Making bookings easy, saving time, and making customers happy. No more phone tag or email hassles – just smooth sailing to more bookings and happier clients.
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Booking and Reservations Become a Breeze

Frees up your time while providing customers with convenience
Easy-to-use interface

Our online form is a breeze to navigate, compatible on many devices, ensuring seamless completion without any confusion or hassle.

Secure data handling

Now, your customers don’t have to wait in long lines or long phone call queues to book reservations. Book anytime with our online forms at PlatoForms.

Everything stays consistent with your brand’s voice

Crafted Just for You

You have complete control over customizing layouts, notifications, and more to align with your brand’s look and feel. The drag-and-drop interface makes it super easy to build forms exactly how you want them. And with versatile form fields and ready-to-use themes, getting that on-brand look is a total breeze.
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Embeddable or standalone forms - your choice

Build Without Developers

Integrating our online form into your website is a breeze - no developers needed. Simply embed the code to show it on your website. You can also use a link/QR code to share the form as a standalone access point. The form interface works seamlessly across desktop and mobile.
We handle the payment logistics while you provide top-notch service

Streamline Payments, Wow Your Customers

We integrate with Stripe to let you add a payment field directly into your forms. That means when someone submits a form to you, they can conveniently provide their credit card details and pay right then and there. No more chasing payments or dealing with separate invoices. We don’t charge any fees on top of those payments, no hidden costs.
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a woman sitting while using her laptop to access online reservation PDF forms templates
Streamling your workflow with seamless integrations

Boost Functionality and Optimize Data Flow

Form responses get neatly stored in your PlatoForms account, creating an easily accessible database. But you can take it further by integrating with tools like Dropbox, automatically sending submitted files and photos straight to your team’s or personal Dropbox. Check out the available integrations to streamline your data flow and boost functionality without missing a beat. It’s all about saving you time and making your operations smoother.
Connecting your form to some powerful integrations

Integrations for an Extra Productivity Boost

We can seriously boost your efficiency by connecting your form to some powerful integrations. Take Slack for instance. With a simple link, form submissions will automatically send a notification to your team’s Slack channel. Or with Make (formerly Integromat) and Zapier, you can automate all sorts of workflows - like automatically adding form entries to a spreadsheet or CRM. Check here for more details.
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  • How easy is it to set up and integrate the online reservation form with my website?
    You’ve got options: use our embed script, copy-paste the URL to embed on your website, or share the URL or QR code with your customers. It’s all about making it easy for you!
  • Can I customize the form fields and design to match my brand?
    Yes, you can fully customize the form fields and design to align with your brand’s identity. Our platform offers a range of customization options, including colors, fonts, and styling that reflect your brand’s aesthetic. Additionally, you can add or remove form fields to capture the specific information you need from your customers. With our intuitive customization tools, you can create a seamless and cohesive booking experience that perfectly matches your brand.
  • Is the platform secure? How is user data protected?
    Rest assured, we take security seriously. We implement measures like Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to add an extra layer of protection. Plus, we comply with industry standards like HIPAA for data security. Strong password policies are also in place to fortify user accounts. Your data is in safe hands with us.
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