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Tired of reprinting forms that should be filled out by different people from your company? With our Workflow, you don’t have to reproduce the same forms again. Make and turn PDFs into fillable forms and have different people complete your forms with our Workflow feature.
Accomplishing sales process by using and turning PDF into fillable forms online Vertical format of accomplishing sales process by using and turning PDF into fillable forms online.

Boost Your Business Process With Workflow

Simplified Steps
Send-To-All Forms

With Workflow, you don’t have to go through the hassle of passing out of paper forms: Create and convert PDFs to fillable form and just send it to different parties for them to fill out.

Easy-To-Fill Up Forms

Filling a PDF form with multiple steps that need to be completed by different people? The Workflow feature from PlatoForms can finally simplify this process by letting you send forms that can be filled in by various people.

Improve Your Business Flow

Time, Space, and Cost Efficient

With the help of high-end technology, we have developed a system that can help businesses and organizations save time, printing cost, and computer space, especially when performing their approval processes–PlatoForms Workflow.

With PlatoForms Workflow, approving and signing processes are now easy for everyone in the organization. With this feature, you can also set notifications that will be sent to concerned parties–step by step. Completing PDF form online has never been easier!

How to add a step for a PDF form workflow.
Published and drafted PDF form workflow
Convenient for Every Organization

Complete the Same PDF in Multiple Steps

Aside from turning PDFs into fillable forms, you can now even break them into steps.

Our workflow feature is perfect for sale approval processes, know-your-customer processes, school clearance forms, and registration forms. Additionally, building workflow is easy to set up and use.

To learn more about PlatoForms Workflow, watch the demo video below.

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Build a Workflow to complete online PDF form in multiple steps

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