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PDFs are complex. Aside from the complicated designs and formats, it is also confusing to keep track of the fields you need to fill up. Now, data collection is made easier with PlatoForms. Our PDF to web form and fillable pdf forms features aim to make data collection even better than before.
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PlatoForms Web forms Provide Easier Interface

Faster Loading

Our web forms provide a good and convenient user interface: making it easier for every customer to fill it up. Additionally, submitted web forms by customers are created as fillable pdf forms.

User-Friendly Fillable PDF Forms

An easier web form interface enables businesses to attract and turn potential visitors into buyers. With our features, you can’t just convert pdf to fillable web forms online, but you can also create beginner-friendly web forms. Utilize more responsiveness from future leads with PlatoForms!

Better Data Gathering

Improve Your Workflow

Web form has been one of the keys to improving the workflows of businesses for years. Making data gathering easier and faster through creating customer information forms and pdf fillable forms, web form is the main feature used in a wide range of industries. Now, businesses can conveniently collect various information through web forms. PlatoForms is equipped with a web form feature–a powerful tool that can improve your business workflow.
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How to share a customer information form.
Share Forms In Seconds

Completely Embeddable Forms

PlatoForms enables you to install or embed a customer information form on your website that your customers can easily access to fill with their information. Additionally, you can copy the form’s link and share it manually with your picked customers.

Our web forms and fillable pdf forms are 100% embeddable, making them compatible with any kind of site. Now, critical coding is not necessary anymore. With just a simple copy and paste, your forms from PlatoForms can be easily visible on your website.

Suitable to Any Browsers and Devices

Browser and Device-Friendly Fillable PDF Forms

Whether you are using Google Chrome, Mozilla, or Opera, our web forms and fillable PDF forms are compatible with major browsers for faster loading. Currently using a mobile device? PlatoForms provides device-friendly forms: Now, you can have the best user experience with our forms equipped with excellent mobile compatibility.
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Car rental checklist customer information form before and after
Convert PDF Easily

Convert PDF to Fillable Forms Online

With PlatoForms, you can easily convert PDF forms to fillable PDF forms online. Whether you have an existing PDF form or you want to create new ones, PlatoForms lets you convert it to a fillable PDF form without compromising its existing format.

Wondering how to convert PDF to fillable forms online? Refer to the video below.

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How to build a web form for your PDF

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