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Can I secure forms with passwords


I’m sending my client an online form. Can I set the form as password protected? How can I do this?


Certainly! You can create a password within the form invitation settings that your clients will need to enter when accessing the form.

After you’ve sent out the form invitations to your clients, they will receive an email containing the password generated by PlatoForms.

Form password

This password is necessary for them to access and open the form.

Open form with password

Set form password

Here are the simplified steps to set a password for an online form:

  1. Go to the Dashboard and select your desired form.
  2. Open the Invitation panel.
  3. Enable the “password protection” option.
  4. Save your changes.

For detailed steps, check the Secure form with password section in the User Documentation.

Video tutorial

You can also refer to the video tutorial:

Discover form invitations

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