Create a Document Workflow With Online Fillable PDF Forms

Convert PDFs into dynamic online forms, collect data effortlessly, and stay informed in real-time. Elevate your business with PlatoForms, where you can access and send forms anytime, anywhere.
Accomplishing sales process by using and turning PDF into fillable forms online. Vertical format of accomplishing sales process by using and turning PDF into fillable forms online.

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Features Overview

Introducing PlatoForms

Converting pdf online form to web form
PDF to Web Form

Convert PDF to Web Form

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Online PDF form with original design
PDF Online Form

Online PDF Form With Original Design

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Converting pdf online form to web form
Master Form

Fill Once and Create Multiple PDFs

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form workflow

Fill out a PDF in Multiple Steps

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PDF form inside an invitation envelope

Invite Users To Complete a Pre-filled Form

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Pieces of puzzle for PDF form features add on

Empower the PDF Forms and Workflows

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Effortless PDF to Online Forms

How PlatoForms Works

PDF Upload
Transform PDFs into interactive online forms with PlatoForms, simplifying the process for your valued customers – no software installation required!
Form Design
Craft stunning fillable PDFs online with our user-friendly drag & drop form builder. PlatoForms preserves your PDF's original design, enabling effortless form sharing.
Form Sharing
Embed forms on your website or share direct URLs and QR codes for seamless interaction. No downloads or access issues; forms appear as web pages.
PDF Creation
Customers submit forms, we create PDFs, you get notifications! Simplifying online PDF form completion with PlatoForms.
Transforming Paperwork into Digital Efficiency

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Let Customers Select Images on Your Forms
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Customer Testimonials

Hear from Our Clients

Phenomenal software

PlatoForms has allowed me to completely automate the flow of data from my website’s Fluent form into a PDF which I send to clients. It saves me a lot of time as a result. Worth the monthly fee.

Reed Sutton

Owner of Frugal Flyer

Nice product, fills a unique niche I was in dire need of

The transition from PDF form to web is nearly flawless. Only flaw is keeping field names from PDF. I appreciate the product you provide and hope you continue to support it.

Troy Miller

Executive Director of Chicago Education Press

Absolutely LOVE PlatoForms

We are able to convert fairly complicated pdf forms into easily fillable, online forms and have completed PDFs sent to our team members for intake processing. Very happy with the product!

Lee Wheeler

Digital Operations Manager of Neighborhood Legal Service

Great Option for Formatting Data!

It gives me the freedom to design a document how I want it to appear and then the software adds the functionality of inputting data. It creates a branding opportunity and some image recognition. I also love the clone function if you ever need to change something. It also does a great job of saving the files to specific locations with specific file names for easy organizing. The input options are great and make the user-experience easy. I love that you can upload a CSV file for dropdown options rather than having to type them out every time I want to use a list.

Alexandra Blaser

Assistant A.D. for Compliance of Ottawa University Arizona

A true business solution

This software helped transform the intake process for a client of mine that has a website and offers childcare. They use to send parents home with over 12 pieces of paper to fill out by hand, many of the forms with the exact same fields. Often parents would submit incomplete admission forms and it would cause grief for the childcare facility when random inspections occurred and all paperwork was not there. Enter PlatoForms. We were able to create an online form that populates all 12 pieces of paper, various forms, and the client gets an email with the completed PDFs that they can read and with all the required info because the user cannot skip any steps in the process. It’s truly revolutionized their business.

Mark Beuerman

Digital Marketer of Websites with Love

Easy to use and great features

My sales force is older people not used to technology, with PlatoForms I gave them the same visual design that they were accustomed. Easy and fast deployment to production. Time to market is faster when my sales force closes a sale. They don’t need to go to the office to drop the new contracts. I have many offices in the country so I was blind and dependent because all sales information was on paper. Now I can see them real time and make dashboard reports, integrate slack alerts every time a sale is made and find and correct easily mistakes or wrong information. Now I can control what offers and discounts are available to my sales team on real time. I can make my managers accountable if they approved wrong discounts. My clients now have their contracts in their mailboxes right after the information is provisioned in my systems.

Alejandro Chavero

General Manager of Sigma Radio S.A. de C.V.

Love it!

It is so easy to use. We set up an online application to attract more potential employees. Giving them the ability to fill out all the paperwork at home makes people more willing to use our service. It is easy to set up the forms. Myself and our whole team really like using this program. It is very user friendly and easy to use.

Katie Matyas

Working World Staffing Services


PlatoForms has completely changed the way we do business since COVID. It’s so easy to create forms and distribute them to clients easily. Clients almost never have questions on how to complete the forms and the ease for us to keep forms organized is unmatched.

Haili Nelson

Legal Assistant at Mediation Works, Inc

Makes gathering data easy for my work before I meet with my client!

In general, I like the ability to create and send my clients questions. This helps with my processes throughout the day. This particular software is easy to use and easy for my clients to use as well.

Brian Huie

Real Estate Agent at BH Real Estate Group LLC

Great Software

The software was easy for me to use, I had looked around for a while for a software that could allow me do an online form and then I landed on PlatoForms Software served all my needs, it did exactly what I wanted. I really love the software, so convenient, I got instant email notifications for a new submission, easy to manage all my submissions. So honestly I love the software.

Sakira Ernest

Graphic designer at Watoto Ministries

A Useful Tool In Our Toolbox

We appreciate the ability to customize the questions or information fields we are using to gain information from potential and existing clients. We have enjoyed using PlatoForms and are interested in continuing to incorporate its features into our system.

Donald Burgett

Burgett Law Firm PLLC

Great option for Patients Forms

Love the ability to easy collect patients info from a form on a website and have it ready on a PDF for print or safe save.

Robert Perez

Owner of Robi Joe Studio

PlatoForms is a cost-effective solution for collecting form data with HIPPA compliance

I do low-level tech support for a small medical practice. They use a variety of forms with their clients, and with most of their appointments shifting to virtual in the last 15 months, they needed an effective way to have patients fill out forms securely (and with HIPPA compliance) without having to use the U.S. mail and without trying to attach blank or completed forms to emails. I helped the client review available options; they chose PlatoForms and it is a great fit for the needs of this medical practice. I converted their PDF forms into the PlatoForms system and will continue to help when they need new forms or revisions.

Tracy Comer

Freelancer, Regent Mental Health Group

Forms creation at its best with superb customer service

I am very much happy that I found PlatoForms, there some specific requirement needed and it exactly met our requirement. The workflow creation option was the key feature that won my attention and helped me in meeting my requirements. The UI of this service is also really good.

Shimru .B.U

Assistant Manager, BMI Group - India

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