What are the HIPAA-Compliant Form Tools You Can Try For Your Organization?

Because of HIPAA-compliant forms, secured data collection became more attainable.
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Man, if we only lived in a perfect world with perfect hospitals, we wouldn’t even be wasting time filling out forms manually with the same information repeatedly.

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Aside from wasting business costs over printed paper, hospitals face significant challenges in dealing with forms every day—lost documents, incomplete submissions, and unsecured data collection. The good thing is today, as we live through the millennial era and say goodbye to old school data gathering, collecting patient information has become more modernized than ever. With HIPAA-compliant forms, patients wouldn’t just be free from the tedious form-filling experience but also to unsafe data collection.

This blog will provide you with the best HIPAA-compliant forms tools you’d need to modernize your patient experience.

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The traits of a HIPAA-compliant form

To be considered HIPAA-compliant, a form builder software must meet specific requirements. This allows users to be more confident in sharing patient information—over the internet. Thus, the traits of a HIPAA-compliant form are:

Provides proper disposal: A HIPAA-compliant form must include a feature that disposes of patient data—permanently.

Data encryption: Data breach is a common problem in online storage. Thus, a HIPAA-compliant must have secured data storage.

With updated backup: The great thing about online forms are they’re safe from theft, disasters, and being lost. Backup is a good feature that must be included in a HIPAA-compliant form in case of unexpected occurrences.

Convenient and authorized access: An HIPAA-compliant form must be easy to access and be only accessible to authorized parties only.

To make sure that you’re using a HIPAA-compliant form, it’s essential to use an authenticated HIPAA-form builder. Remember, patient data collection is crucial and sensitive—that’s it’s essential to make sure the legality of the builder you’ll choose for your organization.

What are the HIPAA-compliant forms you can try for your organization?


PlatoForms is a PDF online form builder that lets you easily complete and submit online PDF forms. Aside from its workflow feature that streamlines approvals, this powerful tool also provides HIPAA-compliant forms for secured data collection. PlatoForms also includes a lot of features for organized data collection—such as Master Forms, and more add-ons to maximize form capacity.

HIPAA-compliant form tool best for: SMEs (small to medium enterprises), large organizations, clinics and hospitals


FormDr lives to its tagline—easily send + receive your forms. This efficient tool lets you send online forms to your patients everywhere using all types of devices—may it be a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. You can also collect HIPAA-compliant electronic signatures, combine multiple pages, and more.

HIPAA-compliant form tool best for: Hospitals and healthcare facilities

Pro tip: Looking for an incredible tool that lets you complete your online PDF forms within minutes? PlatoForms is a great software for submitting online PDF forms, HIPAA-compliant forms, etc. Sign up here today to start building your form.


Providing professional designs for organizations, Logiforms has over a hundred and 50 templated designs for maximum form customization. Aside from letting you design and host your online forms, the tool is also great for automating workflows.

HIPAA-compliant form tool best for: Various industries including legal, insurance, HR department, financial companies, and healthcare facilities


CognitoForms is an excellent tool for data collection, data management, and automation. Also providing HIPAA-compliant forms, you can freely collect data from your patients and clients within minutes. Another bonus: you can add your favorite app as integration with CognitoForms!

HIPAA-compliant form tool best for: All types of business and organizations


LuxSci a perfect tool for secured communication and collaboration, focusing on providing HIPAA-compliant email and web services. This unique tool offers different solutions, including encrypted marketing emails, safe email hosting, and secured marketing campaigns. Another great thing is its web and database hosting services!

HIPAA-compliant form tool best for: Financial companies and healthcare sectors


Pandadoc has truly paved the way in the market because of its diversified features. From acquiring online signatures to creating online forms, businesses (especially massive ones) have been using Pandadoc to sent HIPAA-compliant forms. Pandadoc also offers other form and document management features for specific needs.

HIPAA-compliant form tool best for: Large businesses and organizations


MedForward has been the hospitals’ go-to tool for HIPAA compliant forms and medical website design. The software is focused on helping healthcare facilities with their form creation with different types of form, including medical, dental, and PDF forms.

HIPAA-compliant form tool best for: Healthcare facilities, clinics, hospitals

Pro tip: Let your users complete their online PDF forms within minutes. With PlatoForms, your clients can submit HIPAA-compliant forms for more security. Learn more here.

Collect HIPAA-compliant forms with PlatoForms

Let your clients and patients complete and submit their PDF forms online seamlessly with PlatoForms. With the HIPAA-compliant feature, you don’t have to worry about the security of your patient data collection. With this feature, you can:

Monitor your user activity: For maximum security, changes and edits made by your team will be visible to you.

Use a secure URL: Instead of the usual https://form.platoforms.com/, your form URL will change to https://secure.platoforms.com/. Note that 7 days after your account was migrated into a HIPAA-compliant account, your old embed scripts and URLs won’t work—this is to tighten the security of the forms.

Note: If you just upgraded your account into a HIPAA-compliant account, you have to update your old forms on your site for it to be accessible again.

Your form will log out after inactivity: Since data collection is sensitive and confidential, your forms will lock automatically after inactivity for protection.

Note: Your online PDF forms will lock out after 15 minutes. Remember that your users can always go back to their forms by logging in again with their passwords. However, the form will totally log out after 30 minutes of inactivity—this is applicable to all the HIPAA team members. Note that “remember me” on the sign-in page won’t also work for an added layer of safety.

Audit your team: If you’re the team owner, you can audit your team to view all types of details of your team’s access activities, authentication, and sharing access.

Pro tip: For safety, it’s recommended to review this setting to keep track of your team’s activities—at the same time, avoid any unsual access.

Encrypted data storage: No need to worry about your data silo with PlatoForms—all HIPAA-compliant forms are encrypted for security.

You can learn about the specific details of our HIPAA-compliant forms right here—sign up today to start completing your PDF forms online.

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