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Lexin-Ann Morales
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Team Workflow

Early in 2020, my previous company sent me a bank form that I should fill out for my salary. We were currently on lockdown, that’s why they had to send me the form manually through a courier. After finishing the custom work order forms, I did the same thing–booked a courier, sent the form to them in the office, and wait for its approval.

Turns out, my signature in the bank form was not identical to the signature on my office identification card. The HR then informed me to sign it again and make it similar to my IDs. The complicated part was three things: Since I need to sign the same form, the company needs to manually send it to me again, after that, I have to send it back to them. Second, the bank form needs to be approved by the HR manager, who at the time, was in a far-flung city. Since she was living miles and miles away from my town, the company needs to book a nationwide courier that can deliver the form to her. Third, without her signature, it would be impossible for me to get my salary on time.

The whole process of sending, receiving, and filling out the forms took almost three months.

The whole process of sending, receiving, and filling out the forms took almost three months.

If only we knew that PlatoForms workflow feature exists, we should’ve saved tons of time, money, and effort for just a single form. With the workflow feature, sending forms such as bank forms, team evaluation forms can be much easier by creating workflow online.

a man working in front of many paper forms (by PlatoForms Online Forms Builder)
Paper Forms

As the remote work setting continues to soar, it is impossible to send out paper forms to every person in your company to fill them out. No matter how much you utilize a bunch of online tools to collaborate with your team, it’s not simply enough. You need a tool that can simplify your work process–a tool that can help you create a workflow online. A tool that can ease things up. An online PDF software that lets you convert your complex PDFs to online forms. A workflow form designer that can fasten the old-school process that we’re all tired of.

Create a Workflow online with PlatoForms

With our workflow form designer, you can create a bunch of wonders that you and your team can benefit from. With this awesome feature, your organization can:

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office man

Never print papers again

Just imagine how much your organization can save from printing paper forms. With PlatoForms, you can save from buying inks, printing machines, and papers! Going paperless isn’t so hard after all.

Eliminate the long process of sending forms manually

The good news? You don’t have to manually send paper forms again! In addition to converting your PDFs to online forms, you can just create fillable PDFs and send them online to different parties for them to fill out.

Send to all

It so happened that your form has multiple steps that need to be filled out by different people in the company. Easy peasy–our Workflow feature lets you send forms that everyone can fill out.

Creating a Workflow

How to create PDF workflow online first step

After logging in to your PlatoForms account, you can click the “Create Workflow” button on the left side to create a workflow online. Add your published PDFs to the workflow steps (You can add multiple PDFs if you want to).

How to create PDF workflow online second step

Now, we have a 2-step workflow. You can customize the workflow notification email for the people who will accept these forms–it will automatically send out an email to those parties once this step is accomplished. An example is: You can notify a specific person in the team if a certain field of the form is completed and is waiting for his/her approval.

Once finished, click the “Share” icon and “Publish”. A URL will be generated–this URL is shareable for your teammates. Additionally, you can embed this URL to your website, too.

When a person who received the form completes and submits it, you will receive an email notification–saying that the first step is complete. It will also include a link for the second step–this is found in the workflow tab (Submissions).

Once the workflow is completed, you can download the completed PDFs from all the people who filled it out–monitoring each form completed by different parties. Aside from creating workflows, our software can also let you do a lot more awesome stuff such as converting PDFs to online forms, making PDFs fillable online, and turning your PDFs into fillable forms. Now, your team won’t be stuck with the same lengthy process again!

To know more about Workflow, refer to our documentation page.

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