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Lexin-Ann Morales
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Books and seminars about productivity have been around for as long as we can remember—but now, people can’t sit down and go through a whole book to know the tricks of being productive. With the rising fame of the internet and thinning attention span of users as time goes by, people are now much hungrier for content on the go. Through productivity blogs, readers can quickly learn the hacks of maximizing productivity without spending so much time learning it. To add, blogs also provide specific, short, and easy-to-digest content. Whether you’re a student who looks for a way to be more productive or an employee who needs career advice, we listed some productivity blogs that you can browse or bookmark for future learning.

1. PlatoForms

Aside from providing powerful workflow and PDF features that help businesses maximize productivity, our blog is also focused on assisting users in increasing their productivity through informative blog posts. Our productivity blogs mainly talk about tips on how to focus more, increase efficiency while working from home, and even the importance of mental health to be more productive.

One of the vital blog posts to read is our piece about the pomodoro technique. In this article, we listed the pros and cons of using the technique and some alternatives that you can try if it’s not for you.

Our feature-related blogs are also helpful for businesses–as it is more specific to industries. Whether you’re an HR manager who wants to read a blog about improving your internal workflow or a business start-up who contemplates using API to boost productivity, browsing our feature blog library will help.

Key blog posts:

2. Verywell Mind

Being productive is not just all about doing this and that, but also maintaining a balanced and healthy mental well-being–and this is what Verywell Mind is all about. With over 5,500+ article libraries, the website publishes fresh content about psychology, leadership, stress management, and improvement. Aside from giving tips on being mentally healthy, Verywell Mind is also focused on promoting therapy, the importance of seeking help amid depression, and relationship counseling. The site’s rich content about mental health can help you learn more about its significance—and how a mentally healthy person can perform well and be more productive.

Key blog posts:

3. Lifehacker

From parenting hacks to tech and cooking tips, Lifehacker truly stands to its tag line: “Do everything better.” Lifehacker offers all aspects of blogs about life aside from productivity—stay healthy, manage finances, latest tech updates, and more. Lifehacker became the go-to website for all types of advice and productivity tips.

Key blog posts:

4. Todoist

A productivity app that offers task manager, Todoist provides a comprehensive selection of blogs that focuses on their niche. The website posts different productivity techniques that you can try, including Eat the Frog and the medium method, to mention a few. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or confused about which way you should read on, Todoist includes a mini quiz to help you gauge which productivity method suits your personality and needs.

Key blog posts:

5. Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Sometimes, you’d read a blog that will stay with you no matter how long—either because you learned something from it, or maybe it made you laugh at some point, or just stumbled upon a memorable line—it’s the vibe that Barking Up the Wrong Tree is all about. Also tackling all aspects of topics aside from productivity, Barking Up the Wrong Tree provides witty content that will stay with you not just because it made you smile, but you’d also gain something from it. Aside from its comical content, Barking Up the Wrong Tree’s blog posts are backed with research from different resources.

The website is minimalist and simple—but the content is a bomb that you can check for a quick read or chill afternoons.

Key blog posts:

6. The Muse

The importance of career productivity is essential to every employee—and this is what The Muse is all about. The website offers informative advice from career coaches regarding employment, resumes, formal writing of cover letters, and career-changing. The Muse’s blogs about interview tips and featured companies are also helpful for job seekers.

Aside from blogs, The Muse offers career coaching services for those who need help with job searching, are excellent at interviews, or need career advice.

Key blog posts:

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