MessageDesk: The Best Business Text Messaging Tool In The Market

The role of communication in business is crucial—it's the key to be efficient, successful, and collaborative. To maximize it, an effective tool is needed—like MessageDesk.
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The power of communication shouldn’t be underestimated—especially in business. In the midst of team collaboration and hectic transactions, businesses should level up their means of communication to accelerate efficiency—and make room for more productivity. More than being connected, companies need more than just a communication tool: It must be simple, straightforward, and automation-friendly. Fortunately, all of these are found in MessageDesk: A business text messaging tool that allows you to automate the manual and mundane–making it easy to keep connected. By just uploading or syncing a list of phone numbers, businesses can now text contacts, customers or clients from business landlines or existing business phone numbers.

In this article, I caught up with the company’s Co-Founder & CMO, Kyle Kuczynski. Aside from walking me through the essentials of the tool, we also discussed the ins and outs of MessageDesk—and why you need it for your business today:

The beginning

The beginning of MessageDesk started to solve a personal problem: Difficult communication. When two of our four co-founders owned a small housekeeping company, they needed a better way for their staff to collaborate and keep connected to customers for daily operations and all things business—such as estimates, appointments, and payments.

Text messaging turned out to be the perfect communication tool—so we set out to build MessageDesk, a shared team inbox for business text messaging.

The development

To develop, it’s essential to give importance to feedback–since it’s the only way to build a product that people actually care about. MessageDesk evolved out of solving for a personal need. But we go out of our way to understand our customers and their needs as we build our messaging product.

We believe in fast cycles of iteration. This means we take in customer feedback and based on that feedback, we have solutions live in the product within two weeks.

We come from a small business and recognize its unique needs. So we know that our messaging solutions must always be smarter, simpler, intuitive and accessible by all.

How does MessageDesk works?

Texting as a business or organization can be a complicated affair—but MessageDesk makes it easy.

You can text-enable your existing business landline or port over your current business phone number. MessageDesk can even get your organization carrier approved for bulk text messages.

Once you upload a list of contacts, you can sort, order and segment them into groups and views. Then you can send a mass text to big groups or send and schedule 1-on-1 text messages from MessageDesk’s shared team inbox.

Pre-saved text message templates allow for fast replies and consistent messaging. Other features like autoresponders and automated info collection forms help you start text conversations automatically, even if you or your team are out of office or away.

Communication is the grease that reduces friction and makes daily operations easier for everyone.

So businesses and organizations that use MessageDesk experience:

  • Frictionless ways of starting more conversations (lead generation)
  • Easy ways for customers to get estimates
  • Reduced no-shows with appointment reminders
  • Faster, more frequent payments with text-to-pay
  • More feedback with scheduled text message follow ups
  • Simplified review collection with links to review sites

Why communication matters

Many small, local businesses and organizations (particularly those that perform a service) need better messaging and communication tools. When communication breaks down, jobs don’t get done.

And when it comes to communication, many people prefer texting instead of email or calling. Texting gives everyone a faster, simpler way to connect. Texts get higher open and response rates and they’re universally accessible.

With MessageDesk’s text messaging, small businesses and organizations get smarter, simpler ways to:

  • Start more conversations and keep customers
  • Schedule reminders, book more appointments and manage jobs
  • Send estimates to get paid faster and more frequently
  • Build an online reputation by earning reviews and referrals

Communication for everyone

MessageDesk is here to help small to medium-sized businesses and organizations with teams who perform a service.

As an example, MessageDesk works well for:

Home service businesses

  • Landscapers
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Housekeepers

Professional services

  • Accountants
  • CPAs
  • Bookkeepers
  • Lawyers and attorneys

Medical services

  • Medical clinics
  • Pediatric clinics
  • Chiropractic services
  • Med spas

The future of communication with MessageDesk

MessageDesk will become the de facto shared team inbox for small and medium-sized businesses and organizations. This means broadening our messaging offerings from just text messages to chats, email and voice.

Our goal is to unify and simplify daily messaging and communications into a single, actionable view that drives revenue and accomplishes objectives.

Feel free to meet with one of our messaging experts and schedule a demo or try MessageDesk for free.

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