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Online Forms for Real Estate Success

Upgrade your real estate business with online forms for increased contact inquiries, lead generation, and precise applicant qualification. Craft bespoke online real estate forms tailored to your unique vision, whether you’re a real estate magnate, broker, agent, or salesperson.
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Grow Your Business with Online Real Estate Forms

Spice up real estate forms, gather more leads!
Unlock Efficiency

Streamline real estate management with our online forms. Collect and manage tenant details, maintenance requests, and property reports to gain valuable insights and make proactive decisions.

Boost Productivity

Online forms automate tedious tasks such as lease applications, contract management, and maintenance scheduling. Boost efficiency, minimize manual efforts, and free up valuable time to focus on strategic initiatives.

Real estate wins with digital transformation

Go Paperless and Save Costs

When you ditch paper and go digital, you can make everything smoother. Handle documents, contracts, and talking to clients all online, saving money on printing and storing paperwork. Plus, digital systems keep everything safe and let everyone involved easily share and work together on important stuff. It’s a smart move that makes things easier and safer for everyone involved.
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Safeguard your form data for peace of mind

Secure and Reliable Data Collection

PlatoForms provides advanced security measures like password encryption and two-factor authentication, restricting access to authorized users and bolstering overall data protection. Its seamless integration with cloud storage facilitates streamlined data management, while maintaining control over storage durations to adhere to regulatory standards, ensuring data integrity and compliance.
Streamline your real estate marketing efforts

Efficient Marketing Integrations

Streamline your real estate business’s marketing efforts with PlatoForms online forms. Connect leads to your email lists, CRM systems, or other vital platforms through effortless integrations with PlatoForms and popular automation tools like Zapier or Make. Bridge the gap between capturing leads and nurturing them through your marketing pipeline, enhancing efficiency and maximizing your business’s growth potential.
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Simplify tenant rent payments and billing

Rent Payment and Billing Management

Easily manage tenant rent payments and billing using online forms. With PlatoForms, you can set up flexible payment options to streamline rent collection, send billing notifications, providing tenants with clear payment details and convenient payment options, and set up automatic reminders and notifications to ensure timely rent payments and reduce your management workload.


  • How do I add online forms on my real estate website?
    PlatoForms offers two methods: embed the online form directly into your webpage using the provided Embed Script or copy and paste the form URL. Whichever method you choose, PlatoForms provides convenient solutions for seamless integration on your real estate website.
  • Can I use online forms for real estate leasing or sales appointments? How can I automate the process?
    Absolutely! You can collect client names, contact details, preferred viewing times, and other relevant information in your online form. Then, PlatoForms enables you to integrate the online form with automation tools like Zapier or Make to automate tasks such as sending confirmation emails, syncing with calendars, sending reminders, updating client databases, and more.
  • Can online forms help me improve potential customer conversion rates and sales efficiency?
    Absolutely! With PlatoForms, you can easily create customized forms and integrate them with automation tools to automate processes such as appointment scheduling, email notifications, and data synchronization. PlatoForms provides real-time data access, allowing you to stay informed about customer submissions and adjust marketing strategies and property presentation plans promptly, achieving better business growth.
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