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Real Estate is one of the industries that benefit the most from online forms. With the aim to help every company grow and improve their process, PlatoForms developed PDF to web form features that can process real estate documents online. Not just proven faster, but also safer for files.
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Designed For the Convenience of Agents and Clients

Improve Every Real Estate Process
Convert PDF Forms

From real estate forms to all types of documents, PlatoForms can help you convert PDFs to online forms. Fill them up online, any time of the day.

Time Efficient

The workflow feature from PlatoForms allows you to save time by allowing different people to fill in and submit PDF forms online. Now, you don’t have to print the same forms!

No More Printers

Save Cost

By making PDFs fillable online, you won’t have to print your real estate forms again. We provide PDF to web forms features and online fillable forms–no inks and printing machines needed! Save more from the costly price of printing papers.
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Protected Storage

Secured Customer Data

Completing PDF forms online is much safer and more secure. Unexpected things can always happen–floods, fires, data corruption, the list goes on! With PlatoForms, store all your real estate forms online and access them anywhere.
Save More Time


Everything done online is not just convenient, but also time-saving. With PlatoForms, you can now convert your real estate PDF forms online and have them filled by your clients, send them anywhere, and anytime.
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Accessible Anytime

Files Within Reach

Access every single file online with our hassle-free database where you can lookup up your client’s information. PlatoForms helps you convert PDF forms online, fill them out, share them, and store them in secured silo. Far from natural disasters, viruses, and unexpected events.

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