Enrollment and Registration Forms

Enrollment Process Now Goes Paperless with Online Forms

PlatoForms provides a more convenient enrollment process with our paperless forms. Level up your enrollment procedure by converting your PDFs to online forms!
One female and two male students filling out their online enrollment PDF form

Paperless Enrollment for a Better Earth

Less Papers, More Benefits
Enroll Online

Here at PlatoForms, we value the importance of going paperless to make the enrollment process better. We’re not only saving time and cost–but we’re also saving the environment.

Fillable Forms for Schools

PlatoForms lets you convert PDFs to online forms for school enrollments and registrations. Skip the long waiting lines and filing of paper works!

Improve Student’s Learning Today

Enhance Student’s Learning Experience

Going through messy papers and forms shouldn’t add up to school complexities. By letting your students and staffs submit PDF forms online, schools are now able to focus on improving educational programs–leading to a better student learning experience.
school registrar assisting students in using online PDF enrollment form
man using online PDF form
Smoother Enrollment

Quicker Enrollment Process

Turn your PDFs into fillable forms to let your students fill out enrollment and registration forms whenever and wherever they are. PlatoForms online fillable forms make every online enrollment possible and more convenient!
Safer Storage for Schools

More Organized and Secured Data Storage

Messy enrollment and registration forms can be hard to track and lost without notice. With PlatoForms, you can store and organize your forms online: No need to go over several cabinets for a single form!
school staff and student after a successful online enrollment through online enrollment PDF form
woman creating online school enrollment PDF forms
No More Waiting Lines

Say Goodbye To Long Enrollment Queues

Who loves to get in line and wait for hours to register and fill enrollment forms? No one!

By turning your PDFs into fillable forms, you can finally say goodbye to the stress of lining up. Save time and energy from waiting in long and crowded lines to finish the enrollment process. With PlatoForms, everyone skips the waiting game: Beneficial for your staff, students, and even for the parents.


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