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Easy Enrollment and Registration with Online Forms

PlatoForms simplifies the enrollment and registration process with user-friendly online forms. Easily create and manage forms to streamline and increase signups.
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Secure and Accurate

Protect your data, eliminate errors

Say goodbye to errors with PlatoForms’ built-in validation checks, ensuring every piece of enrollment data is accurate to the dot. Streamline your process and eliminate costly mistakes.


Your customers’ sensitive information is safeguarded with top-notch encryption, providing peace of mind throughout the enrollment and registration journey.

Accessible anywhere, anytime


Whether on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, customers or students can access and complete your registration or enrollment forms from wherever they are. No software installation required - just a seamless digital experience.
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All about speed and efficiency

Get Instant Notify

You’ll love how fast and easy it is for people to fill out our forms—just minutes! And the best part? You’ll get their submissions right away, so they can chill knowing they’ll meet those important registration deadlines hassle-free. Plus, our online forms make the whole process modern and fun, leaving everyone happy.
Instantly integrate enrollment data with your favorite apps

Seamless Integration, Quick Action

With PlatoForms’ powerful integration features, you can instantly connect registration and enrollment information to your existing tools, like Google Sheets, Mailchimp, and Slack. Turn data into action and streamline your workflows for a smoother enrollment process.
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Make registration fun again

Goodbye, Boring Forms

Our online forms are designed to keep your users engaged and entertained. Break up the form into bite-sized sections, use conditional logic to serve up personalized content, and spice things up with visual elements like videos and picture choices. Plus, with customization options, you can make the forms look and feel as fun as you want.


  • What is an enrollment form?
    An enrollment form is basically a form someone fills out when they’re signing up for a service, program, or event, etc. Its main job? To gather all the info needed to get them officially enrolled and make sure they’re eligible for whatever they’re signing up for!
  • How easy is it to create an online enrollment forms?
    Creating forms is a breeze with PlatoForms’ intuitive builder. Convert your PDFs seamlessly, then drag and drop elements to design your form without any coding. Access helpful resources like user guides, videos, FAQs, and our dedicated support team every step of the way.
  • What’s the difference between an enrollment form and a registration form?
    Enrollment forms are for joining schools or courses and gather detailed info when someone is interested. Registration forms are for events or services, collecting basic info when someone is ready to join or participate.
  • Can I embed the forms on my website or share them easily?
    Absolutely! You can put the forms right on your website or share them wherever you like. With PlatoForms, it’s easy to stick forms into your site smoothly. Plus, you can create links or QR Code to share them in emails, on social media, or anywhere else you want. This way, your users can easily access the forms whether they’re on your site or clicking through a link you’ve shared. For more details, see Publish and share.
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