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PlatoForms provides innovative PDF to web form tools that are available to everyone for a better and improved user experience. PlatoForms allows you to create, convert PDFs to online forms, and send e-signatures to everyone. With PlatoForms, you can now increase customer satisfaction and focus on business goals.
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Healthcare Industry

HIPAA Compliant Forms For Every Healthcare Providers

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Create Fillable PDF Online For Quicker School Transactions

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Sales Industry

Increase Sales and Decrease Customer Complaints By Converting Your PDF Forms to Fillable Ones

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Faster and Improved Banking Process

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Get More Reservations Online Using Online Forms

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Real Estate

Improved Real Estate Transactions

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Approval Process

Easier approval process with PlatoForms Workflows.

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Lead Generation

Improve Website Form User Experience and Get Leads In an Instant.

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Application Forms

Easier Human Resources Management. Improve Online Job Hiring Process.

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Contracts and Agreements

Sign and send contracts to your prospects anytime of the day.

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Enrollment and Registration Forms

Make online and physical enrollment easier. Say goodbye to waiting lines.

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Online Reservation Forms

Improved Hotel & Restaurant Reservation Process

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Conduct your research, create your survey with PlatoForms Online Fillable Forms.

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