Elevate your online fillable forms with app integrations and PlatoForms' APIs!

APIs and App Integrations

Supercharge your online forms, the form-filling experience, business workflow, and more with our powerful App integrations and APIs! Our goal is to unlock automation.
A collection of apps and add-ons supported by PlatoForms to integration with online PDF form Vertical format of application logos you can integrate with PlatoForms Online PDF Form features

Upgrade Your Workflow

Integrate PlatoForms with your favorite workplace apps and manage workflows with PlatoForms’ APIs.
Integrate Apps Seamlessly

Optimize your business game by syncing PlatoForms with your go-to workplace apps. Receive lightning-fast Slack alerts for new submissions, store PDFs effortlessly in Cloud Drive, enable swift payments through Stripe, and craft visually stunning automated workflows with Make. Take your efficiency to new heights.

Manage Workflows with APIs

Simplify tasks using PlatoForms’ APIs, fostering seamless communication between applications. From completing online forms to monitoring submissions, our APIs elevate efficiency. Immerse yourself in the dynamic PlatoForms API Playground, where testing becomes a breeze with real form data.

Notify a Slack channel or the right person upon submission

Get Instant Submission Alerts

Connect your forms to Slack Workspace for lightning-fast submission notifications. Enjoy real-time updates upon every form submission, tailor settings for submitted PDF downloads and field displays, and bring your team’s communication together in one dynamic hub!
Connect form responses to Slack workspace for notifying submissions
Upload submission of online PDF forms to cloud drives, including options like Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, and Box
Manage form submissions effortlessly

Integrate With Your Preferred Cloud Drive

PlatoForms smoothly works with popular cloud drives like Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and Google Drive, allowing you to effortlessly upload and store form submissions. Link your form to your preferred cloud drive, and watch as any PDF generated from a submission is instantly directed to your chosen cloud drive folder.
Boost your business with online payment through your forms

Collect Payments With Ease

PlatoForms seamlessly partners with Stripe, a trusted online payment processing platform, enabling businesses and individuals to securely accept online payments. This integration allows you to effortlessly incorporate a payment field within your form, empowering your customers to submit secure credit card details for payment. The cherry on top? PlatoForms doesn’t charge any fees for your transactions.
Accept payment through online PDF form by integrating PlatoForms with Stripe
Login to your Zapier app and integrate with PlatoForms's online PDF form
Set up automated workflows that connect your forms with the other apps

Create Automated Workflows With Zapier

Zapier, the go-to automation platform supporting a multitude of popular apps such as Google Sheets and Slack, makes it easy. With just a few clicks, set up automated workflows (Zaps) connecting your online forms with your most-used apps, allowing seamless data flow between them. Save time, cut down on tedious tasks, and concentrate on what matters most - your vital work!
Link your online form to nearly 1,000 apps or APIs

Visualize Workflows With Make

With the integration of PlatoForms and Make, connect your online form effortlessly to nearly 1,000 pre-configured apps or any API has never been easier. Enjoy the simplicity of Make’s drag-and-drop, visually stunning user interface as you create multi-step integrations that effortlessly optimize your business processes. Take control of automation and elevate your efficiency!
Connect PlatoForms with any of your favorite apps in just a few clicks, by integrating with Make
Cartoon API integration settings for online PDF forms.
Unlock automation magic with 1100+ apps

Automate with Integrately

With the integration of PlatoForms and Integrately, one click is all it takes to automate your online fillable forms. Connect seamlessly with over 1100 apps for efficient data flow, real-time updates, and supercharged functionality, elevating your workflow productivity effortlessly.
Explore PlatoForms’ APIs and API Playground

APIs Integration and API Playground

With our simple RESTful APIs, you can perform tasks like listing your form details, accessing submission metadata and raw data, downloading generated PDFs, pre-filling forms by invitation, submitting forms, managing workflows, and utilizing webhooks for real-time data synchronization with your in-house system upon form submission. Dive into the API Playground for seamless integration with your forms, empowering you to easily test our APIs using real form data.
Explore the RESTful APIs provided by PlatoForms, and test the API Playground

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