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Effortless Data Gathering

Enhance your survey experience with PlatoForms’ online form solution. Easily gather targeted responses at lightning speed, ensuring reliable data for strategic decision-making. Plus, see a notable boost in engagement and response rates for outstanding results.
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Streamline Your Surveying Efforts

Conduct surveys with ease using PlatoForms form creator
Enhanced Engagement

PlatoForms offers customizable survey designs, interactive elements, and seamless integration with favorite apps, enhancing engagement and boosting participation rates for more comprehensive data collection.

Data and Quality Validation

PlatoForms enhances survey data quality with customizable validation rules and error messages, ensuring accurate responses. You can easily export data to Excel and CSV formats for in-depth analysis, helping to identify and address discrepancies.

Rapid data collection

Targeted Responses, Fast

Seeking targeted responses to your surveys? With PlatoForms’ online form solution, receive the results you need in minutes, ensuring efficient and accurate feedback collection. Plus, get instant notifications via email, Slack, or other preferred apps the moment respondents submit the form, keeping you informed and responsive.
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Versatile surveying tools

Flexible Survey Types

With its highly customizable design options and form fields, PlatoForms’ online form creator is suitable for a diverse array of survey types. Whether it’s 360-degree employee evaluations, customer service surveys, education demographics surveys, brand personality surveys, or beyond, our platform’s versatility empowers you to gather richer data and make more informed decisions effortlessly.
Customizable surveys for every need

Tailored Data Capture

PlatoForms provides customizable surveys and quizzes, allowing you to capture information precisely tailored to your needs. From multiple-choice questions to text fields, drop-downs, and more, our intuitive tools and clear design streamline the survey creation process, ensuring you gather the exact information you need with ease.
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Seamless integration and collaboration

Enhanced Reach and Engagement

Integrate with your favorite apps to connect with audiences wherever they are. Our platform offers robust integration capabilities, allowing you to share surveys effortlessly across various communication channels such as email, Slack, and more. Additionally, PlatoForms supports customizable sharing options, enabling collaboration across different groups and ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard.
Mobile-friendly accessibility

Stay Connected Anywhere, Anytime

With PlatoForms’ web-based platform, you can stay engaged and responsive from any location and device. Our solution is accessible from any web browser, ensuring seamless access whether you’re at your desk, on the move, or using any device. With real-time updates and notifications, you never miss a beat, enabling you to stay connected and manage your surveys effortlessly, no matter where you are.
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  • Does PlatoForms support custom form fields, logic branching, and data analysis features?
    Yes, PlatoForms allows you to customize form fields and set logics. You can export survey data in Excel and CSV formats or integrate with other professional analysis tools, allowing you to quickly turn insights into in-depth analysis and actionable strategies.
  • How user-friendly is PlatoForms for form creation and editing?
    PlatoForms offers a drag-and-drop interface that requires no coding background, ensuring a user-friendly experience. You can easily create and edit forms with a visual interface, making form creation intuitive and straightforward.
  • How does PlatoForms ensure data security, including encryption, storage location, data backup, and access permissions?
    PlatoForms is HIPAA-compliant and offers features such as password protection, two-factor authentication for login, and the ability to set data retention periods. You can also choose to upload data to cloud storage for added security and privacy.
  • Can you provide information on PlatoForms’ pricing strategy, free trial period, subscription plans, and pricing for additional features?
    Please visit our Pricing page for information on our pricing strategy, free trial period, subscription plans, and pricing for additional features.
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