Effective Data Gathering

Make your data gathering more efficient than before. Letting your subjects send their survey answers through submitting PDF forms online improves surveys and data collection.
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Conduct Online Survey with PlatoForms PDF Form Creator

Convenient Surveys
Fillable Forms for Surveys

Make PDF fillable forms online, create survey forms, gather research data, and carry out powerful marketing strategies with PlatoForms.

Accurate Data

With PlatoForms, you can convert PDFs to web forms for hassle-free surveys! Conducting surveys for accurate research work is now within reach.

Student and Researcher-Friendly Tool

Ideal For Students and Researchers

Using PlatoForms to convert your PDFs to web forms for your online survey is now possible. With its shareable function, you can now let your prospected data samples fill up your form online, anytime, and anywhere.
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Send Surveys Anytime

Conduct Surveys Online

Whether you’re a student or researcher, PlatoForms helps in conducting research online to reach a wider set of data prospects. PlatoForms includes shareable and easy fillable forms, making your survey research faster.
Better Data Organization

Save Data Online

Research data results are confidential. Secure every single piece of information online with PlatoForms. Equipped with an option to store completed PDF forms online in your preferred cloud storage, keeping information has now become more secured and safer than before.
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Hassle-Free Surveys

Carry Out Convenient and Earth-Friendly Surveys

Take out the hassle of looking for your prospected data. With PlatoForms’ powerful PDF to web form features, you can just find selected online people to answer your survey. Additionally, conduct survey without the hardship of printing jobs–save from printing costs, save the environment.

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Convert PDF to Web Form

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Empower the PDF Forms and Workflows

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Fill out a PDF in Multiple Steps

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