Master Form

A Master Form is a central document where all necessary data can be inputted and can be used to generate multiple copies.
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Let Master Form Improve Your Business

Share and Create Multiple PDFs
Share Information

Master Form provides convenience in sharing information within the organization. In addition to turning PDF into fillable forms, our Master Form feature allows you to fill once and print in multiple PDFs copies. You don’t have to fill a lot of forms with the same information again!

Master Form with Workflow

Aside from making PDFs fillable online, the Master Form feature can also be integrated with workflow for maximized productivity. Create and fill multiple PDFs online with multiple steps–all at the same feature!

No More Repetitive Fill Ups

Fill Once, Fill For All

Master Form is a great way to manage your organization’s data. To promote better data management, PlatoForms came up with a solution that can solve the problems of businesses, employees, and organizations.

With our Master Form, the challenging and time-consuming process of filling up, downloading, and sending multiple PDFs to your organization is now over. Aside from creating and submitting PDF forms online, you can now simply fill up once, and share multiple PDFs with the same information to your colleagues.

Blank employee fillable PDF master form.
Process of combining fillable PDF forms to a master form
The Convenience of Shared Information

Merge All Information to One Form

Our Master Form aims to provide convenience through shared information. With Master Form, you can make PDF fillable forms online and link multiple PDFs that you or your colleagues need to fill up on a single shareable form. With this feature, you don’t need to fill up multiple PDF documents that need the same information.

Our Master Form is equipped with a shareable link that is accessible to everyone.

To see how PlatoForms Master Form works, watch the video below.

Learn through step-by-step demos and tutorials

One web form to fill out multiple PDF files


  • Can I export data from fillable PDFs?
    Yes, you can export data from fillable PDFs to other formats, such as Excel or CSV, for further analysis or processing.
  • How do I ensure data accuracy with fillable PDFs?
    To ensure data accuracy, you can set validation rules for form fields, which will prompt users to input information in a specific format or range.

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