To help individuals and businesses scale through the convenience of online fillable PDF forms

Who are we?

PlatoForms is a Sydney-based company that serves all aspects of companies and businesses worldwide.

We have witnessed how difficult it was to create, fill up, send, and share paper forms. Aside from the slow process, inaccuracies were inevitable.

PlatoForms was built to eliminate the inconvenience of dealing with a pile of papers and maximize the advancement of technology by making these forms electronically available.

Why PDF?

PDF is universal.

From traditional documents to ordinary forms, PDFs are widely used in all types of industries. Regardless of the device and operating system used, PDFs support a diverse range of colors, layouts, fonts, and images.

With PlatoForms’s wide range of features, companies can now conveniently convert PDFs to online forms, improve workflow, organize documents, and easily share forms within the organization.

Now used in a variety of industries in different countries worldwide, PlatoForms continue to simplify the traditional workflow in offices, hospitals, schools, and more. Completing PDF forms online is now smoother, faster, and easier.

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Why PlatoForms?

Create forms from PDF easily

  • With our simple drag-and-drop tool, creating forms from PDF is now made easier than ever.

Convert PDF forms to online forms

  • Unlike the old-school and complicated PDF forms, online forms are easy, clear, and beginner-friendly. Upload your PDF form and convert it online form in seconds!

Quickly send and receive forms

  • Send your fillable forms through a link and receive the completed form as PDF with your original layout directly to your inbox!

Connects with 3000+ Applications

  • PlatoForms seamlessly integrates with various applications, bolstered by Zapier and Make integrations, broadening your options.

Supports different types of cloud drive

  • Whether it’s Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive—upload your PDF automatically with your preferred cloud drive folder.

Fill PDF easily by API

  • With our APIs, your organization can now list forms metadata and field definition.
  • Easily pre-fill the form or workflow by invitation
  • Submit the workflow and manage webhook!

Supports custom domain

  • Your brand, your form, your domain. PlatoForms supports custom domains.

Secure Data

  • Our forms are HIPAA compliant. With PlatoForms, your organization can now safely collect information securely.


To promote an efficient and simplified life for businesses and companies