Contracts and Agreements

Sign and Send Contracts In Your Convenience

With PlatoForms, you can now sign and send contracts within seconds. Make contract signing easy and fast!
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Effortless Signing and Sending of Contracts

Easily Sign and Share Your Contracts
Fillable Forms

Make contract signing faster for you, your employees, and your clients. PlatoForms turns your contract into fillable PDF forms online–easy and paperless.

Shareable Forms

Aside from making fillable PDF forms, you can also share your forms online with PlatoForms. Share anytime, anywhere.

Paperless Storage

Eliminate Piles of Unnecessary Papers

PlatoForms supports the integration of different apps and data tools for easy file storage. By letting PlatoForms handle your data silo, you can focus more on the things that matter–your business. Supporting tons of cloud storage, access and share your file within the organization with your preferred drive, anytime.
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Convenient Sharing of Forms

Share Contracts with Teammates and Customers

Now, you can easily send contracts and agreements without the use of mail deliveries and logistics. Share your online forms conveniently with customers and team members using their email address–accessible whenever, wherever.
Convert PDF Forms in Split Seconds

Instantly Make PDF Contracts and Agreements to Fillable Ones

Convert your PDF contracts to online fillable ones for convenient filling and signing. Upload, convert, fill pdf forms online, and send. No more pending contracts, delays, and hassle.
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Focus More On Your Goals

Create, Sign, and Share Contracts Online

With the continuous development and innovative design of PlatoForms, conveniently create, fill pdf forms online, sign, and share contracts. Aside from the hassle-free features, it also saves your time and energy for much bigger goals to focus on–your business.

Find out how the PlatoForms can help you

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Convert PDF to Web Form

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Online PDF form with original design
PDF Online Form

Online PDF Form With Original Design

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PDF form inside an invitation envelope

Invite Users To Complete a Pre-filled Form

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Fill out a PDF in Multiple Steps

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  • Can I get a signed certificate through a PlatoForms workflow or workflow invitation?
    Not yet, we are still currently working on this feature. To let us know which case you will be using this feature for, please contact us!
  • Can I use the PlatoForms Invitation API to create a signature certificate?
    Not yet. This is because our invitation API only returns the URL of the invitation link. It does not send emails, so we cannot verify the email address of the signer yet. We are currently working on this feature and will have an updated version of the API soon.
  • How can I enable the Signature Certificate feature in PlatoForms?
    To enable the Signature Certificate, you need to turn on the “Collected to signature certificate” option in the form builder when creating your form.
  • What benefits does PlatoForms offer to businesses?

    PlatoForms offers various benefits to businesses, including:

    • Time and Energy Savings: The streamlined process frees up time and energy for more significant business goals.
    • Hassle-Free Contract Handling: Simplify contract signing and sharing for improved efficiency.
    • Paperless Approach: Reduce the need for physical paperwork and enhance environmental friendliness.
  • Can PlatoForms be used for business purposes?
    Absolutely! PlatoForms is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes. It allows you to conveniently create, sign, and share contracts online. By handling the contract-related tasks efficiently, PlatoForms enables you to focus more on your business goals.
  • How fast can I convert PDF contracts to fillable forms using PlatoForms?
    Converting PDF contracts to online fillable forms is a quick process. With PlatoForms, you can instantly upload, convert, fill out the forms online, and send them, eliminating delays and ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  • How does PlatoForms make contract signing easier?
    PlatoForms enables you to sign and send contracts within seconds. Its user-friendly interface facilitates effortless signing and sharing of contracts, eliminating the need for traditional, time-consuming methods.

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