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We get it: you want to smooth out your signing process and business operations with online forms. From designing to sending, filling to collecting, and managing forms, we’ve got you covered. Now, you can spend less time on paperwork and more time smashing those business goals.
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Evolving Contracts and Agreements

Easily sign and share
Simpler Process

Online forms make it easy to handle contracts. You don’t need to print or scan anything; everything is done digitally, saving time.

Fewer Mistakes

With digital forms, mistakes like missing signatures or wrong information are less likely. The forms guide you through what needs to be filled in, and digital signatures ensure everything is correct.

Saving time and ensuring accuracy

Create Contracts with Ease, No Coding Required

Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and hello to streamlined information gathering! Our multi-device compatible online forms, created with an intuitive drag-and-drop, no-code form builder, simplify the process for everyone. Customize contracts and agreements to fit your unique requirements without the need for technical expertise!
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Simplifying collaboration

A Smoother Signing Process Than Ever

Signing contracts or agreements often involves gathering signatures and information from multiple parties, which can be tedious and error-prone. PlatoForms’ workflow feature offers a solution by breaking down form-filling into manageable steps, allowing participants to focus on specific sections. Once all steps are completed, the results seamlessly merge into a single PDF, facilitating collaboration between parties involved in a for-profit business.
Simplify signing and workflow automation

Now, Enjoy a More Manageable Business

Just share the contracts or agreements via email, embed them into your website, or integrate them with other apps to automatically pop up when someone chooses to sign a contract with your business. Once all details and signatures have been collected, you’ll receive a notification and a finalized document that you can download, share, and print for your records. These contracts or agreements can also be integrated with other tools to trigger your next workflow.
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a team working on an approval process using PlatoForms online forms
Let the tools handle the hassle, focus on your goal

Catering to Your Need for Efficient Tracking

With PlatoForms, you can centralize your contracts, sharing them seamlessly with internal teams. Easily access your signed contracts and maintain control over legal and financial risks. Utilize our search and filters feature to quickly find the submitted data you require, and effortlessly export them to Excel or CSV files, or upload them to cloud drives or other tools for storage. Say goodbye to tracking contracts on Excel files forever.


  • Can I legally sign contracts/agreements online?
    E-signatures are the solution to signing contracts and agreements online, providing a legally recognized method for electronic signing. With PlatoForms, you can securely sign documents from anywhere, ensuring convenience and legal compliance. For more details, visit our Use Signature Certificate page.
  • How do I ensure the security and confidentiality of online contracts/agreements?
    PlatoForms ensures the security and confidentiality of your online contracts and agreements through robust encryption protocols, secure server storage, restricted access to authorized users, and compliance with industry standards and regulations. Your sensitive information is safe with us.
  • Can I integrate contract/agreement forms with other tools or platforms?
    Yes, PlatoForms provides its own API, as well as integration feature with various tools like cloud drives, Slack, Make, and Zapier, offering flexibility and convenience in connecting contract and agreement forms with other platforms.
  • Are there templates available for different types of contracts/agreements?
    PlatoForms doesn’t offer templates for contracts/agreements currently. However, you can convert your existing templates into fillable online forms and reuse them using our clone feature. Our user-friendly form builder simplifies contract creation. For ready-to-use templates, consider exploring our sibling product, FormCan.
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