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Improve HR Management and Job Hiring Process

Step up your human resources management. Skip the long method of hiring talents with PlatoForms.
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Eliminate the Hassle From Paper Application Forms

Simplified Hiring Process
Convert Application Forms

Using your traditional application forms? You can upload these forms and just convert PDFs form online for an easier employee application.

Faster Hiring

Make the hiring process trouble-free for you and your applicants by turning your PDFs into online forms. Paperless and easy!

Eliminate the hassle in PDFs

For a Faster and Easier Application Process

Besides converting PDFs to online forms, PlatoForms also makes them shareable. Send and share your forms online through its link with your team and applicants, anytime.
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Alter Forms Pronto

Convert PDF Forms to Online Fillable Forms Instantly

Still using old application forms? No worries.

Whether you’re using old or new application forms, you can convert your PDFs to forms online for convenience. Moreover, you can add or edit the information in the form upon preference after converting it.

Paperless is More

Paperless Application: Less Work, More Benefits

Say goodbye to manual encoding and stressful filing of application forms. With PlatoForms, store and ensure the security of applicant information anytime. Save time and focus more on your goals: hiring!
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Find out how the PlatoForms can help you

Online PDF form with original design
PDF Online Form

Online PDF Form With Original Design

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Converting pdf online form to web form
Master Form

Fill Once and Create Multiple PDFs

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Invite Users To Complete a Pre-filled Form

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form workflow

Fill out a PDF in Multiple Steps

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  • How does PlatoForms contribute to a greener approach in HR management?
    PlatoForms promotes a paperless application process, which aligns with eco-friendly practices by reducing the need for physical paper forms. This approach not only saves time and resources but also contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious HR management process.
  • What are the benefits of using PlatoForms for HR management and hiring?

    PlatoForms offers several benefits, including:

    Faster hiring process: Turning PDF forms into online forms accelerates the application process for both HR teams and applicants.
    Paperless convenience: By going digital, you can avoid manual data entry and paper filing, making the application process smoother and more efficient.
    Easy sharing: PlatoForms enables users to share application forms online with team members and applicants through shareable links.

  • How can I convert my existing application forms into online forms using PlatoForms?
    You can upload your traditional application forms to PlatoForms and convert them into online fillable PDF forms. This process helps you digitize your forms, making it simpler for potential employees to apply online.
  • How does PlatoForms simplify the hiring process?
    PlatoForms eliminates the hassle of dealing with paper application forms by converting them into online forms. This makes it easier for both HR staff and applicants to complete and submit forms, reducing the time and effort involved in traditional manual processes.
  • What is PlatoForms Online PDF form for HR Management and Job Hiring Process?
    PlatoForms is an online tool designed to streamline human resources management and simplify the job hiring process. It allows users to convert traditional paper application forms into online PDF forms, making the entire application process faster and more convenient.

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