Great first step for reaching your applicants with PlatoForms

Simplify Your Application Process

Getting started with reaching your applicants is a crucial first step, whether you’re hiring employees, admitting students, or evaluating potential tenants. PlatoForms makes it easy for applicants to find and fill out your application forms, saving you the hassle and enabling you to follow up with qualified candidates.
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Eliminate Paper Application Hassles

Application process made simple
Streamline Application

Simplify your application process for students, talent recruitment, or volunteer applications. Applicants can easily provide necessary details, submit materials, or answer questions, making evaluation effortless.

Standardize Process

Applicants can seamlessly input their information, respond to your queries, and even upload a resume. Meanwhile, you stay organized with all applicant information and documents stored in one convenient location.

Make your forms shareable and embeddable

Reach More Applicants Easily

With PlatoForms, your PDF application forms become online forms that you can easily share. Whether through links, QR codes, or embedding them on your website, reaching potential applicants is a breeze. Embedding forms on your website makes applying super simple for everyone. So, use embedding to get more responses and make applying a piece of cake!
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Form progress saving

Resume Anytime, Anywhere

Never worry about losing progress again! With PlatoForms, applicants can seamlessly pick up where they left off, whether it’s a lengthy form or they need time to gather information. Their progress is automatically saved, and customizable settings make it easy for them to take breaks and resume later. Stress-free form filling for your applicants, guaranteed! Read more here.
Hassle-free file upload for applicants

Streamline Document Submission

Get resumes and documents effortlessly with our File Upload field. Applicants can submit multiple files, and you can customize settings. Everything stays organized, saving time for both parties. Easily access all info and documents in one place, and download or have them sent as email attachments if necessary.
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cartoon woman sitting while creating a customer information PDF form with filing cabinet and flying papers on the background
Let people know their submission was received

Provide Instant Peace of Mind

Don’t leave your applicants in the dark after they’ve spent time filling out your form. Instant confirmation that their application was received can ease their minds and provide important information about what happens next. With PlatoForms, you can customize the confirmation message, redirect applicants to a specific URL, and more. Learn how to give your applicants the reassurance they need here.


  • Can customers access the online form on different devices like desktops, mobile phones, and tablets?
    Yes! Our online forms are designed to be fully responsive, meaning they adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes and devices. Whether you’re using a desktop computer, a smartphone, or a tablet, you can access and fill out the form with ease.
  • What are the benefits of using PlatoForms for HR management and hiring?

    PlatoForms offers several benefits, including:

    Faster hiring process: Turning PDF forms into online forms accelerates the application process for both HR teams and applicants.
    Paperless convenience: By going digital, you can avoid manual data entry and paper filing, making the application process smoother and more efficient.
    Easy sharing: PlatoForms enables users to share application forms online with team members and applicants through shareable links.

  • How can I convert my existing application forms into online forms using PlatoForms?
    You can easily convert your existing PDF application forms into online fillable forms with PlatoForms. Simply drag and drop your PDF files into PlatoForms, and let PlatoForms handle the conversion for you. This digitization process streamlines the application process, making it simpler for potential employees to apply online.
  • How does PlatoForms simplify the hiring process?
    PlatoForms eliminates the hassle of dealing with paper application forms by converting them into online forms. This makes it easier for both HR staff and applicants to complete and submit forms, reducing the time and effort involved in traditional manual processes.
  • What is PlatoForms Online PDF form for HR Management and Job Hiring Process?
    PlatoForms is an online tool designed to streamline human resources management and simplify the job hiring process. It allows users to convert traditional paper application forms into online PDF forms, making the entire application process faster and more convenient.
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