Why Workflow Contributes to The Success of Human Resources Departments

Need several people in your team to fill out an application form with multiple steps? We introduce you to the tool you need today: The Workflow feature.
Lexin-Ann Morales
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H.R employees working using online PDF workflow forms

The use of workflow creator or PDF online software, in general, wasn’t so famous in human resources industries back then. Before, HR companies utilize paper forms for applications, deliver the documents manually to their teams, and store these papers in large file storage. While this process has been going on for years, everything became different as the pandemic hit–HR departments were forced to conduct job interviews and applicant screenings online. The Human resources management, like the other departments, faced the changes as remote work continued to increase. Since working from home seems to stay until the new “normal”, HR departments need to improve their hiring process–which will include the management of online application forms.

Using online forms for applications seems easy to implement, but how can a workflow creator help?

Picture this: An applicant sends their online application to your company. This application form needs to be reviewed by three different people in the department–you, another HR associate, and the manager. Imagine making three copies of the online application, sending it separately to your two colleagues, gathering the copies from them, and transferring the data from two copies on the original application form.

Sounds like a tedious job, doesn’t it?

Aside from the complicated procedure, here’s why this method is inefficient:

It takes a long time to process a single document

Having hundreds of applicants every day can take a toll on the department’s workload, leading to inefficient results.

Prone to errors

A poet once said that to make mistakes is human–but these mistakes can wreak inaccuracies that your organization can suffer from. Making copies, passing it out separately to different parties, gathering and rewriting the information to the original copy is inevitable to misspellings and wrong information. This can lead to a serious problem in the future since these documents need to be accurate.

Incompetent process

Online application forms and data gathering are crucial for HR departments–hence, it needs to be systematized as much as possible.

Not all software and apps provide a feature that lets you do it all in one digital workspace. To solve this, we are happy to introduce our Workflow creator–a fantastic feature that adds steps to each process of your form completion, allowing you to complete every step of your forms without the hassle.

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Workflow forms + Human Resources Departments = A match made in heaven

Thankfully, Workflow forms can finally eliminate the lengthy internal process of HR departments. With a workflow creator, your HR department can take advantage of:

A smoother and faster application process

With a workflow form designer, you don’t have to send separate documents to different parties that need to fill out the form. Instead, all you need is the original form–send it to the person that needs to do the next step, send it to another colleague again, and so on. Take the steps below as an example:

Step 1: The applicant fills out your online form with their personal information, career history, etc.

Step 2: You will fill out the submitted form with the details about the candidate.

Step 3: The HR Associate reviews the form and will leave notes for the next step.

Step 4: The HR Manager finally receives the form to review all the information, and approves the form by signing it.

Keep track of your online forms

The best thing about our Workflow creator is that you can keep track of the online forms you send! Unlike paper forms, it’s difficult to know who’s the first person receiving the documents, or who’s the next one filling out the remaining steps. With a centralized form such as a Workflow creator, each person can keep track of the recipient and the receiver of the forms.

Be notified in real-time

The Workflow creator from PlatoForms provides an automatic notification for the next person in the whole process! Notifications are consistent until the form is completed.

Create as many workflows as you want

Your workflow is not limited to one flow–you can build different workflows for different forms. Because of this, you can organize the documents well, build proper steps for each, and keep track of your progress. You can make a workflow for different applicants too, or different transactions.

Share forms in minutes

No need to manually deliver your documents with our workflow form designer! To share your workflow, click the “Share” button and copy the embedded or public URL of your workflow. Choose a public URL to share on email, or an embedded code to publish it on your website.

Cut cost

Using a workflow form builder also means saving money from printing numerous forms. Just imagine how much you can save from using online forms–no more pricey printers, inks, papers, even drawers for storage!

Obtain application information in seconds

Since workflows are stored online, you don’t have to go through boxes and cabinets just to find an application form. Your workflow creator allows you to organize each data, accessible anywhere, anytime.

A Workflow form builder for everyone

The good thing about our Workflow form designer is it’s not limited to Human resources departments–you can use this awesome feature to all documents that need to be filled out by different parties! Some of the examples include:

  • School clearance forms
  • Registration forms
  • Order forms
  • Real estate documents
  • Approval forms
  • Sales forms
  • School assignments

Does your Human Resources department only need a Workflow form creator?

To add the cherry on top, HR departments can also enhance their internal process by adding more features such as Master Forms. Aside from the workflow form designer, HR departments can also use Master Forms to centralize all your applicants' data. Master Forms creates a secured silo of your organization’s documents, helping you to keep your forms from inevitable disasters, loss, and more.

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Key takeaways:

  • A workflow form designer benefits Human resources management by providing forms that can be completed by different people in multiple steps
  • A workflow creator can speed up the application process of applicants by allowing forms to be organized.
  • Aside from workflow, the Human Resources department can use other features for a better data organization such as Master Forms.

In need of a workflow creator that can improve your HR department? PlatoForms is a PDF software that provides a Workflow form designer and Master Forms for seamless, easy, and better application steps. Build your workflow today here.

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