Pre-filled Invitation Forms

Your clients can now have a faster form-filling process with our pre-filled invitation forms! Our editable invitations and fillable pdfs make it easy to customize your invitations to fit your event perfectly.
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Pre-filled Forms Power Up Your Business

Boost Form Completion Rate
Fill Up Once

You can now make, convert PDFs to fillable forms online, and send pre-filled forms to your customers. No need for them to put the same information again and again–this way, you can enhance your organization’s form completion rate.

Monitor Your Forms

PlatoForms offers a tracking option for you in the invitation feature: easily monitor whether your forms were sent or not to recipients.

Boost Form Completion Rate

Faster Form-filling Process

PlatoForms not just allows you to convert PDFs to online forms, but you can also send pre-filled forms to your customers. With this feature, clients can save time from the long process of filling in every single field in the form with the same information. Pre-filled forms boost the form-filling process, making it easier for your clients to finish forms.
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Fillable PDF form edit invitation email list
Monitor Forms Easily

Track Your Forms

Completing PDF forms online is much better and easier–PlatoForms provides an invitation feature where you can track the online forms that your customers filled out. You will be given an option to invite your clients to fill in the forms–and choose whether to track it or not.

With our tracking option, you can monitor if the status of the email delivery was successful or not. You also have the option to be notified when the email and form were opened or not–and keep track once it is submitted!

Modify Certain Fields

Enable “Hide” and “Read-Only” For Specific Details

Wanting to hide a specific detail from your pre-filled forms?

Now, you don’t have to delete a single field or rewrite the entire form just to conceal it from your customers. Pre-filled forms from PlatoForms are equipped with a “hide” feature–simply hide details such as wholesale price, phone number, final prices, and more.

Besides hiding fields, you can also mark the pre-filled fields as read-only for convenience. These options come in handy, especially when modifying specific fields in the form without changing the whole format.

Car rental checklist fillable PDF form with pre-filled fields
Fillable PDF form invitation settings
Smooth Invitation

Invite Your Customers

With our Invitation Feature, you can now achieve a smoother and faster process flow for your company. Aside from turning PDFs into fillable forms, you can also simply share your pre-filled forms for convenience. Watch our tutorial video to learn more!


  • Can I create fillable PDFs in different languages?
    Yes, you can use PlatoForms and create forms in different languages, making them a versatile option for organizations that operate in multilingual environments.
  • How do I make sure my fillable PDF is accessible to all users?
    To ensure accessibility, you should use appropriate labeling for form fields, provide alternative text for images, and ensure that the PDF is screen-reader friendly.

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