Approval Process

Approve Documents Anywhere and Anytime

Now, approving documents is much easier and faster. The workflow feature from PlatoForms provides a more convenient way of approving documents.
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Sign Documents Online With Our Workflow

Approve Documents with PlatoForms
Workflow Solution

Your organization’s approval process is now made easier with PlatoForms. With its workflow feature, stacks of documents for approval and signages can be created and signed online.

Easy Approval

The workflow feature from PlatoForms provides an easier approval process. Create fillable pdf forms and make your approval process and signing convenient today with PlatoForms.

Approval Form In Seconds

Make Online Approval Forms Effortlessly

Signing documents doesn’t have to be so complicated. Create, sign, and approve documents online with PlatoForms. With its easy-to-navigate features, you can create fillable pdf forms and workflows online that are now easier, faster, and more accurate. Whether seeking approval or signatures from different departments, document approval is now within everyone’s reach.
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Out of the Box Cloud Drive Integration

Utilize Cloud Integration for Your Business

PlatoForms is equipped with a Cloud Integration feature where you can freely store your forms and files online. Aside from creating fillable pdf forms, you can also access and approve your stored data anywhere, anytime. Increase your organization’s flexibility in accessing, storing, and sharing files.
Simply Share Forms

Share Forms in a Few Clicks

With PlatoForms, you don’t have to go back forth the hallway just to share approval documents and forms. No need to run and walk around the office–just create fillable pdf forms, send, and share your finished forms to your colleague’s email addresses for easy access.
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Sign Everything at Once

Sign Once, Sign All Pages

Let PlatoForms do the wonders for multiple documents that need one signature–with our Master Form feature, you can conveniently put your signature once and the rest of the documents will be signed as well.

Find out how the PlatoForms can help you

Online PDF form with original design
PDF Online Form

Online PDF Form With Original Design

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PDF form inside an invitation envelope

Invite Users To Complete a Pre-filled Form

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Converting pdf online form to web form
Master Form

Fill Once and Create Multiple PDFs

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form workflow

Fill out a PDF in Multiple Steps

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  • Are there any video tutorials or guides available to help me use PlatoForms effectively?
    Yes, PlatoForms offers video tutorials and guides to help users understand and make the most of the platform’s features, ensuring a smooth form approval and PDF creation experience.
  • Does PlatoForms support mobile devices for online approvals and form signing?
    Yes, PlatoForms is optimized for mobile devices, enabling users to perform approvals and sign forms conveniently on smartphones and tablets.
  • Can I sign all pages in a PDF at once using PlatoForms?
    Certainly! PlatoForms provides a feature that allows you to sign all pages in a PDF simultaneously, saving you time and effort.
  • How does the form approval workflow work?
    The form approval workflow in PlatoForms enables a smooth and easy approval process. When a user submits a form, it automatically routes to the designated approver(s) for review. Once approved, the form is considered finalized.
  • Can I integrate an approval workflow into my existing forms?
    Absolutely! PlatoForms offers an add-on feature for form approval workflows. You can easily integrate this functionality into your existing forms to streamline the approval process.

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