How To Optimize Pre-filled Invitation Forms for your Business?

Pre-filled forms have completely changed the form-filling experience of users.
Lexin-Ann Morales
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Let’s be honest: People hate forms.

In fact, studies have shown that over 86% of users will leave a page immediately when they’re required to fill out a form. Whether online or paper, people just don’t like the sight of something that needs to be filled out—because why on earth do filling out names and addresses be someone’s favorite? However, forms are inevitable and necessary—like that pen you use every day, it’s impossible to ignore it. Forms are a central way to get things done—wherever you are. Whether you’re in a bank to open that check or a customer that needs to order an item online, you need to fill out a bank form to get started.

That’s why pre-filling forms became everyone’s music to ears, especially for business owners. Pre-filled forms are an excellent way to increase the completion rate while still making the form-filling process easier and less burdening. If it’s pre-filled—most likely, customers will submit the form right away.

Table of Contents:

  1. What are pre-filled forms?
  2. How can I create powerful online forms for my business?
  3. Convert your PDF forms to fillable forms online
  4. Use pre-filled forms
  5. How can I optimize my pre-filled invitation forms for my business?

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What are pre-filled forms?

Basically, pre-fill is an API plugin on a website that enables user information to be automatically populated on your form.

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How can I create powerful online forms for my business?

You own a business—and you need powerful forms to get the job done—those complicated forms won’t do the trick; you need to have efficient forms that can convert your leads into customers. To create one, consider following these tips:

Take out the unnecessary

To keep your customers, keep it simple. Do not ask a lot of unnecessary questions in your form—nobody wants to spend long minutes filling out forms.

Take this Facebook sign up form, for example:

Things could have been simpler if the first and last names were on the same field to make it look shorter, and re-entering an email address can be unnecessary if you’ve already asked for one. Only ask for basic information—if it’s shorter with lesser questions, the better.

Make your online forms mobile-friendly

The majority of users use mobile devices rather than computers—that’s why it’s essential to make your forms responsive and easy to view on a mobile phone. Not all forms are mobile-friendly, though. Some online forms tend to be cut or cropped when accessed through a web page on mobile, which can lead to customer frustration. Make sure that your forms are compatible, whether on a computer or mobile.

Pro tip: Aside from allowing you to complete PDF forms online, our PDF online forms at PlatoForms are mobile-friendly and compatible with any operating system—allowing your customers to submit PDF forms online easily.

Convert your PDF forms to fillable forms online

PDFs can be frustrating sometimes—it can be because of these things: 1) It’s too complicated to fill out, 2) The design can be complex, too.

Depending on the PDF design, having a glance at it at first can be intimidating, especially if your clients aren’t tech-savvies to start with. Take this PDF form as an example:

W-8 PDF form

The best way to ensure that your clients will submit PDF forms online is to convert these PDFs to fillable forms instead. This has a lot of benefits, including:

  • Your clients don’t have to deal with complex forms
  • It can be easy for your clients to complete PDF forms online if you convert these PDFs to fillable forms or web forms.

Pro tip: PlatoForms allows you to convert your PDFs to online forms, web forms, and even online forms for convenience. Your clients won’t have to deal with complicated forms anymore—and will encourage them to submit your PDF forms easily. Convert your PDFs to web forms for that simple look, or retain the original design of your PDF while making it an online form you choose.

Use pre-filled forms

Do your customers a big favor—save their time. No single client would be happy to fill out her birthday for the nth time or type their lengthy addresses again. Using auto-fill forms will give a big sigh of relief to your customers—pre-filling the information for them will allow them to become more inclined to finish your form.

Our pre-filled invitation forms are created to do one thing: To save your customers’ time. Aside from completing PDF forms online, we also offer a pre-filled invitation form feature to guarantee your form completion rate. Your clients can finally submit their PDF forms online in seconds, thanks to the help of auto-fill.

So.. How can I optimize my pre-filled invitation forms for my business?

Our pre-filled invitation feature is simple—but it’s a powerful tool. It doesn’t just let your clients complete online PDF forms of pre-filled forms with auto-fill, but it also helps you manage and track your data in-depth. Here’s how you can optimize this feature:

Invite users to answer pre-filled forms

Pre-filled invitation forms allow you to invite your clients to complete online PDF forms in email. These forms are compatible with any type of browser and device—so your customers don’t have to worry about distorted forms.

Restrict form submission for safety

Order forms can be crucial—especially for customers. Duplicate forms are expensive and messy, especially if many orders have been placed because of repeated submissions. You can avoid this by restricting your form submission to once: Make sure to enable it before you send out your form invitations. Your clients can complete their online PDF forms or pre-filled forms only once if enabled.

Automatically save data

Accidentally closing forms can be frustrating—the good thing is that you don’t have to worry about restarting things again with our automatic save feature. This is useful, especially if you’re making forms with multiple pages, as it keeps the data right away.

Organize your business forms

Your forms (Whether a pre-filled one or a different form) at PlatoForms allows you to organize your files by labeling them directly. You can rename through our ‘Download Name Pattern’ feature—this will allow you to mark every single one of your forms to avoid confusion.

Pro tip: Refer to this FAQ to know how to change the name of your PDF form.

Control your business forms

Pre-filled invitation forms are powered by customizable fields—you can enable “read-only” or “hide” for specific fields. Whether you’ll be including wholesale price or confidential info on the form that you don’t want your customers to see, this feature will allow you to control the appearance and intent of your business forms. Learn more about it here.

Provide online forms with a call to action

After your clients submit their PDF forms online—what matters the most is the last thing they’d see. To provide online with a call to action, let your invitation link be redirected to your website. Inputting the link of your business will look not only professional to your customers but also helpful.

turn PDF to fillable forms with call to action

Let your clients complete their PDF forms online through PlatoForms

Build pre-filled invitations that your clients will love through PlatoForms. Easy and accessible, you can now send pre-filled invitation forms that will boost your customer completion rate. Learn more about this feature here.

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