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    Creating an Online Form for an Existing PDF

  • Custom Domain

    With Builder you can build three types of forms: online web forms, online PDF forms, and master forms.

  • Master Form Builder

    you will arrive at the Form Builder. On the form Builder, there are three main sections:

Pre-filled form

Discover the convenience of pre-filled forms through this article.

What is pre-filled form?

Pre-filled forms act as efficient time-savers. Upon opening the form from your invitation, recipients find specific sections already completed. This reduces errors and accelerates the process, making tasks smoother and more seamless.

Apply pre-filled form

  1. After creating an invitation and accessing the Invitation panel, click the Pre-fill Form button at the top.

    pre-filled form button

    This will open a new page displaying the associated form.

  2. On the associated form, populate specific fields with your customized data.
    As you enter data, the field’s border will turn yellow. At the top of these yellow-bordered fields, you’ll find options for Visibile (eye icon) or Read-only mode (pen icon).

    pre-filled field buttons

  3. Adjust those pre-filled field’s mode by crossing out or uncrossing the options:

    • Cross out Visible: The pre-filled field becomes hidden in the form, making it invisible to recipients.

    • Uncross Visible and cross out Read-only: The pre-filled field is visible to recipients. However, it cannot be filled out.

    • Uncross Visible and uncross Read-only: The pre-filled field is invisible to recipients, and they can modify the pre-filled content.

  4. (Optional) For global settings, at the top of the page, toggle options on/off as needed.

    pre-filled form button

  5. Once you’ve completed the pre-filled form, click Save Pre-filled Form located at the top right corner.

Upon receiving the invitation, your recipients will encounter pre-filled form fields.

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