PlatoForms User Guide
  • Form Builder

    Creating an Online Form for an Existing PDF

  • Custom Domain

    With Builder you can build three types of forms: online web forms, online PDF forms, and master forms.

  • Master Form Builder

    you will arrive at the Form Builder. On the form Builder, there are three main sections:

Manage submissions and PDFs

In the Submissions tab, you can handle submissions and generated PDFs by selecting the Actions button in the submission data table’s respective row.

Click the Action button to manage submissions and pdfs

Re-submit form

Click Re-submit Form to access the populated form with submission data. Make changes and resubmit.


Only the submission viewer can open this link. Useful for added security.

View submission revisions

If a submission is resubmitted, our system records and saves updates as versions. Click Revisions to see the submission revision history, download the generated PDF for each version, and get the CSV file.

See revision history

Click Share to generate sharing links for the generated PDF, form attachments, or to open this submission with pre-filled data. These links are accessible to anyone on the Internet, and no login is needed.

Manage sharing links

You can deactivate sharing by clicking Stop Sharing, but these sharing links will automatically reactivate if any of the following features are enabled:

  • If “Edit Submission” or “Download PDF” is enabled in the Form Settings, after a respondent submits the form, the success page will show the shared links for editing and the generated PDF.

    Form settings

  • When configuring Notifications, you included variables in the Email Body, such as {{shared_editor_link}}, {{shared_pdf_link}}, or {{shared_attachment_link}}.

    Sharing link variables

  • When you employed APIs such as Create PDF Sharing URL, Create Attachment Sharing URL, and Create Edit Form Submission Sharing URL to create sharing URLs for PDF or attachment downloads and form submission editing, no authentication is needed.


If the form submission must remain confidential, use shared links with caution. Resetting sharing with a shorter expiration date is recommended.

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