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Revitalize your PDFs with our affordable, integrated, and secure solution. Preserve details, enhance design, and effortlessly create seamless, fillable PDF forms. Enjoy usability on any device—unleash creativity with diverse colors, layouts, fonts, and images. Access your online PDF forms easily for compatibility across every website!
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Supreme PDF Power with PlatoForms

As the go-to format for uploading and distributing forms, PDF reigns supreme.
PDF Weights

PDF, the universal champion, dominates as the go-to format for forms worldwide. With PlatoForms, seamlessly convert and complete PDFs online, unlocking endless possibilities!

Leverage PDF Power

Preserve details and design with PlatoForms, converting static PDFs into interactive and fillable PDF forms. Benefit from universal applicability, making PDFs interactive and user-friendly.

Effortless PDF Conversion Made Simple

Simplify PDF Conversion to Fillable Forms

PDFs, though convenient, can be user-unfriendly. Downloading, opening with Adobe Acrobat, saving, and resending can be cumbersome.

Now, you can eliminate this time-consuming hassle. With PlatoForms, easily transform existing PDFs into editable forms. Skip the need to start from scratch—convert your PDF, edit details, distribute forms, and manage submissions, all in one platform. Save valuable time, expedite your Go-To-Market process, and enjoy transparent pricing with no hidden costs.

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Your PDF, Your Design

Preserve Your PDF’s Original Design

With our Online PDF Form solution, your PDF’s unique design remains intact, now equipped with the magic of fillable forms. Whether your PDF boasts intricate designs or lengthy texts, worry not—simply design your PDF, leave the conversion to PlatoForms, and watch as it retains your PDF’s original layout. This ensures a seamless experience, making it easier for your customers to complete PDF forms online!

Online PDF Forms v.s. Online Web Forms: What’s the Difference

Online PDF Forms: Preserve all styles and details of the original PDF, remaining the same as the original document. However, it transforms static fields into online, interactive form fields.

Online Web Forms: Not reliant on the original PDF, but it can convert all fields from the original PDF form into online fillable fields. It enables the flexibility to change styles using templates, add more interactive fields templates and customizable options. This approach is more versatile and better adapts to all devices.

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How to Build an Online PDF Form


  • How to create an online PDF form?
    PlatoForms provides an all-in-one solution. With just a few clicks, you can upload your PDF, convert it into an online fillable PDF form, and customize the fields and design to suit your requirements. No additional software or tools are needed. For step-by-step guide, refer to our User Guide.
  • Can fillable PDF forms be used for e-signatures?
    Yes, fillable PDF forms can be used for e-signatures, allowing your customers to sign and submit documents electronically.
  • How do I distribute my online PDF form?
    You can distribute your online PDF form through various methods. Send it via email invitation, share it through a URL link, embed it on your website, or use a QR code. These options make it convenient for your customers to access and complete the form easily.
  • Can I track form completion with PDF fillable PDFs?
    Yes, you can receive submissions via email and on the dashboard, upload them automatically to cloud drive, and view submission data on the Submissions page.

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