PDF Online Form Frequently Asked Questions

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Form available and expired

Question: I am making an online exam form that I need to send to my students.

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Forms are saved automatically

Question: I am about to create a PDF form with multiple pages. What if I accidentally close my tab—will it be able to save the changes or do I have to restart building my form?

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Can I allow my clients to submit forms only once?

Question: A lot of my clients sometimes fill out forms twice. Since registration forms should only be filled out once, how can I enable one-time submission of forms?

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Can I protect my forms with a password?

Question: I am inviting my client to answer my online form, but I want it to be protected with a password.

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Can I make an email template that can be accessed by my team?

Question: I need an email template that can be accessed by my team members. How can make one?

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How to reuse my work if PDF has the updates

Question: I have built a complicated PDF online form of an employee that took me a few days.

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