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Can I add pages to an existing PDF form


Can I add pages to an existing PDF form?


PlatoForms does not have a direct feature for adding pages to an existing PDF form. However, you can achieve this by following these steps:

  1. Add pages to existing PDF:

    Use a third-party PDF editor to add the required pages to the existing PDF form. Several online PDF editing tools can assist you with this task.

  2. Create online form with the new PDF

    • Upload the updated PDF:

      Create an online form with the updated PDF.

    • Consider the Clone feature:

      Alternatively, you can utilize the clone feature. Clone the existing form without reusing the PDF (disable the Reuse PDF option). If the new PDF has pages arranged differently than the old one, you may need to remap the page order during the cloning process.

Following these steps allows you to effectively add pages to an already-created PDF form.

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