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The teachers and faculty staff are swamped not just with lesson plans, but with piles of student data as well. We aim to solve one of the most time-consuming tasks of teachers and staff with our PDF to web form features: To improve and organize student data gathering.
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Efficient Data Gathering Solution For Schools and Universities

Better Data Filing
Create Fillable PDFs Online

With the advanced features of PlatoForms, you can now turn PDFs into online forms and improve the lives of every person in educational institutions–from teachers to students.

Refined Data Gathering

Besides converrting PDFs to online form, it is also now easier to collect data in schools and universities. With the workflow and fillable forms feature from PlatoForms, data collection is easier than before!

Better Enrollment Process

Paperless Enrollment and Clearance Signing

Educational institutions can now achieve paperless enrollment and clearance signing through PlatoForms.

Get rid of the long waiting lines during enrollment. Convert PDFs to forms and have your forms embedded on your website for students’ hassle-free accessibility today.

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Save From Inks and Printers

Cut Back on Printing Cost

Save from the expensive cost of printing enrollment papers with PlatoForms. By letting your organization submit PDF forms online, student data is safely stored on cloud drives–both time and cost-efficient for schools and universities.
Secure Student Information

Keeps Student Data Secured

Storing students’ data in papers and computer hardware is a big threat to the institution’s security. Aside from inevitable disasters such as floods and fires, computers are also vulnerable to viruses and data corruption. By completing PDF forms online, educational institutions can now conveniently store and access data online.
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Easy Access for Information

Pull Out Student’s Information Within a Few Seconds

Drop the hassle of pulling out the students’ data from the stack of papers in drawers and boxes. The faculty staff can now present the student data within minutes through PlatoForms. Additionally, no need to print a copy–you can now send the data forms via email!
Send Requests Right Away

Send Approval Requests Easily

With our Workflow feature, all types of approvals are now done easier–from student applications, clearances, and examinations. Teachers and faculty staff can now be free from going up and down the stairs, many office doors knocking, and misplaced approval files. With PlatoForms, educational institutions can now send, sign, turn PDFs into online forms, and access every single file online.
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Online PDF form with original design
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Online PDF Form With Original Design

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Fill out a PDF in Multiple Steps

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  • Can PlatoForms assist in creating paperless forms for schools?
    Yes, PlatoForms enables schools to create paperless forms by providing digital alternatives that can be filled out and submitted online, reducing the reliance on physical paperwork and promoting sustainability.
  • How can PlatoForms help in quicker online form submissions for schools?
    PlatoForms simplifies the process of form submission by allowing students, parents, and educators to complete and submit forms online, eliminating the need for manual submission and accelerating the overall process.
  • What are the benefits of creating online school forms with PlatoForms?
    Creating online school forms using PlatoForms provides a convenient and efficient way to manage student information, collect forms electronically, and reduce paperwork, saving time and resources.
  • Can PlatoForms be used to create online forms for schools?
    Yes, PlatoForms is an ideal solution for creating online forms for schools. It provides a user-friendly interface and a range of customization options to design forms specific to school requirements.

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