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Streamlining Education with Online Forms

We make educators’ lives easier by simplifying data collection and organization with online forms. PlatoForms introduces efficient digital workflows to education, streamlining processes like registration, parent-teacher communication, assignments, assessments, and admin tasks.
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Freeing Educators to Nurture Young Minds

Efficient data gathering solution for schools and universities
Enhance Efficiency

Online forms streamline data collection by eliminating manual entry, enabling faster input, automated validation, and real-time feedback, saving time and effort.

Ensure Security

Online forms ensure security with encryption, access controls, and authentication. By safeguarding data transmission and storage, they help ensuring compliance and preventing breaches.

Enhanced parent-teacher engagement with digital forms

Foster Effective Communication

Upgrade your education system with PlatoForms. Easily digitize tasks like enrollments and clearances by adding online forms to your school website. Use these forms to gather information about students, enhance parent-teacher communication, and identify areas for improvement. Integrating forms boosts teaching effectiveness and student involvement.
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Interactive quizzes, assignments, feedback

Assessments Go Digital

Upgrade your teaching methods with electronic forms. Easily create interactive quizzes, polls, and gather feedback without needing printed materials. Students can complete and submit their work online, while your organization can securely store student data on cloud drives. This saves time and money for schools and universities alike.
Simplify payments, fees, and data collection

Streamline Finances, Ease Processes

Simplify school finances with our online payment and fee collection forms. Say goodbye to queues and paperwork. Easily collect fees and tuition payments online, ensuring a seamless experience. Our user-friendly forms streamline data collection, allowing efficient gathering of student information and financial records tracking. Integrate with existing systems to automate tasks, freeing up time for an exceptional educational experience.
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Simplify school operations, maximize efficiency

Streamline Processes, Spread Smiles

Say goodbye to messy paperwork and hello to convenience with our online education forms. Simplify admin tasks and classroom activities, focusing on educating young minds. Integrate forms with favorite apps, automate processes, and streamline approvals effortlessly. Imagine the time and effort saved to invest in creating an exceptional learning experience!
Send requests right away

Approvals Made Simple

PlatoForms’ Workflow feature streamlines the entire approval process, eliminating the need to run around campus or deal with misplaced files. Our intuitive online form builder lets you seamlessly send requests, sign documents, and convert PDFs - all from your device. With files securely stored and accessible online, approvals become a breeze. Streamline processes, save time, and focus on nurturing young minds.
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  • Can online forms be integrated with existing school/university information systems?
    Absolutely! PlatoForms online forms integrate smoothly with your school databases via APIs. Also, integrate with no-code automation tools like Zapier, Make, and Integrately for wider application compatibility.
  • Are there any additional costs or fees beyond the initial setup?
    No, there are no additional costs or fees beyond the initial setup. Our subscription plans allow for monthly or yearly payments, and there are no extra charges unless you choose to upgrade your plan. Additionally, our premium plan grants access to all your team members.
  • Do online forms provide options for electronic signatures and approvals?
    Yes, PlatoForms offers electronic signatures and approvals through its signature certificate feature, ensuring document credibility and security. Additionally, its workflow feature facilitates efficient completion of forms by multiple individuals in scenarios like school clearances and registrations.
  • What kind of support and training is available for staff to effectively use online form solutions?
    PlatoForms simplifies online form use for staff with user-friendly interfaces, no coding required. We offer ample support options like video tutorials, guides, FAQs, and a responsive support team.
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