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How to obtain the CSV file of form submission


How can I obtain the CSV file of form submissions?


  • For All Submissions

    Choose a time range to export all submissions for a specific form in CSV format. Refer to our documentation for detailed instructions, or wacth our video tutorial.

    Note: If a submission has multiple revisions, the data presented reflects the most recent version.

    Exported submissions

  • For Single Submissions

    csv file for single submission

    • From Notification Email:

      If you want to have the CSV file included in the notification email and accessible, add {{attach_csv_data}} in the Email Body when configuring notifications. Refer to the documentation for more details.

      Exported submissions

    • From Cloud Drive:

      If you’ve integrated your form with a cloud drive and enabled “Export Raw Data CSV”, the CSV file will be automatically uploaded to your cloud drive. Refer to the documentation for more details.

      Note: For every submission, a new CSV file is uploaded.

      export data to cloud drive

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