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How to globally customize the font style of all fields in the PDF form


Can I quickly and uniformly change the font style of all fields in the PDF form?


Absolutely! You can efficiently apply font styles to all fields in your PDF form by making uniform modifications to the field attributes.

Change font style

  1. Navigate to the top left corner of the form builder and click on the Style button.

    Click the Style button

  2. Within the PDF Default Style section, adjust the font style for your fields, including:

    Change PDF default style

    • Font and Style: Refers to the typeface (font) and text formatting like bold or italic.
    • Size and Color: Controls text size and color.
    • Letter Spacing: Adjusts space between letters.
    • Line Spacing: Sets vertical distance between lines.
    • Alignment: Positions text horizontally (left, center, or right).
  3. After finalizing your settings, click Apply Changes, and then choose how to apply your modifications:

    Apply changes

    • Apply to all fields: This will change the style for every single field in your form.
    • Apply only to new fields: The new style attributes will only apply to the new fields you add after you apply the changes.
    • Apply only to fields with the same style: This option compares the style changes with the original style. If they match, it applies the new style; if not, the field’s style stays the same.

      Note: For instance, if you increase the font size in a common style from 10 to 12 and choose Apply only to fields with the same style, the system will find and change the font size to 12 for all fields that originally had a font size of 10. But if a field had a different original font size, like 8, this option won’t change it, and it will stay at 8. This option only affects fields that match the original style.

By following these steps, you can effortlessly achieve a consistent font style across all fields in your PDF form.

Preview your changes

To preview your changes, click the Preview PDF button in the top left corner of the form builder.

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