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Why am I not receiving notification emails


Why am I not receiving notification emails?


To resolve this issue, follow the suggestions below. If you’ve tried these steps and still don’t receive notifications, reach out to us for further assistance.

  1. Check form Notification settings:

    Make sure the notification settings for the specific form in question are configured correctly. Verify that email addresses are entered accurately and that notification triggers are set up as intended. For more details, check the Configure form notifications section.

    Form notifications

  2. Verify ‘Email From’ address:

    Ensure that the email address used in the “Email From” field of your notifications is verified. For step-by-step guide, check the Email From section.

    Email From Address

  3. Verify the email domain:

    Consider verifying the entire email domain if you suspect email delivery issues. This helps establish the domain’s authenticity and enhances email delivery reliability. For step-by-step guide, check the Email domain verification section.

  4. Notification threshold settings:

    Review your notification threshold settings from your profile (Click on your profile photo from Dashboard > Account Settings > Notification). Ensure that they are not set too high, as this might cause notifications to be filtered out based on specific conditions you’ve set.

    Notification limit

  5. Check spam and filters:

    Check your email inbox for spam or filters that might be affecting the delivery of PlatoForms notifications. Additionally, consult your email administrator to ensure that PlatoForms emails are not blacklisted.

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