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Why am I not receiving email notifications as a team member


As a team member, I’m not receiving email notifications. What should I do?


If you’re not getting email notifications, follow these steps:

  1. Adjust Notification Limits:

    • Click here to to review and modify your notification limits.

      Change notification limits

    • Default limits: “Max daily notification emails” is 50, and “Max daily per form notification emails” is 25. Exceeding these limits may impact future alerts.

  2. Check Email Notification Settings:

    Notification settings

    • Confirm Send to team members is switched on or verify your email address is correctly added to Email To.
    • Explore additional settings in the Configure form notifications section.
  3. Custom Email From Address:

    • If using a custom Email From address, enhance deliverability by setting up SPF and DKIM. Configure these settings here.
    • For more details about configuring SPF and DKIM, check here.
  4. Review Team Settings:

    Click here to confirm if your have be added in the team.

  5. Check Spam Folder and Filters: Ensure notifications aren’t landing in your spam folder or being filtered.

  6. Allowlisting (if applicable): Ask your email administrator to check if “” domain is allowlisted, especially if no custom Email From address is set up.

Follow these steps to ensure you receive notifications. If issues persist, contact our support team at For quicker assistance, include the approximate sending time and your email address.

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