PlatoForms User Guide
  • Form Builder

    Creating an Online Form for an Existing PDF

  • Custom Domain

    With Builder you can build three types of forms: online web forms, online PDF forms, and master forms.

  • Master Form Builder

    you will arrive at the Form Builder. On the form Builder, there are three main sections:

Manage your Workflow

Get submission notifications

PlatoForms will send you email notifications for every submission to your Workflow. You can also access notifications from the Notifications page as shown below.


To view the submitted PDF containing filled data, click Open the PDF.

Adjust notification settings

If you’re not receiving notifications, review your Account settings to ensure you’re within the daily notification limit and adjust as needed.

Notifications settings

Review submissions

You can easily access and review submissions to your Workflow on the Submissions page.

  1. Navigate to the Submission page.

  2. On the top of the Submission page, select the Workflow tab to view your Workflow’s progress and obtain links for individual steps.

    Manage workflow submission

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